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The shocking truth about alcohol

January 31st, 2015

There was an experiment done by New Scientist magazine.

A group of journalists went off alcohol for a month.

And they got a team of medics to track their health indicators, to see if there would be any noticeable changes.

Bear in mind, that the participants were within the normal range for alcohol consumption (14 units per week for women, 21 units per week for men..). So it was not expected that there would be many major changes in measurable health markers.

The results completely SHOCKED the medics..

Here are some of the changes they found:

1. Participants had better sleep.

2. Participants had measurably better concentration.

3. Participants showed marked reduction in cholesterol levels.

4. Participants had lower “fasting blood glucose” levels. (indicates better insulin function, and lowered risk of diabetes).

5. Participants had significant decrease in “fatty liver”, a potent risk factor in liver failure, and liver disease including liver cancer.

6. Participants had an average weight loss of….wait for it… 3 Kilograms!

I kept the 3 Kilos for the end. Its the cherry on a cake of incredibly strong health benefits from just not drinking alcohol.

I highly recommend you try a dry month, if you have not already done so. See the benefits yourself.

I did it, and I feel fitter, stronger, healthier, better concentration, great sleep, healthy cholesterol, stable weight. And a positive attitude!

Plus, I feel no need of alcohol in social events. In fact, I seem to be one of the more relaxed and outgoing at these events! (Part of the reason is that a low fat, plant based diet is alkalizing, which causes a sense of emotional well-being and calmness. As opposed to acid forming foods which make us uptight..)

So, try a dry month! You will love it. And keep going if it feels good.

I’m on month 360!

Irish Doctor beating cancer with plant based nutrition..

December 30th, 2014

Here is an article about a Dublin based doctor who read a book that I quote all the time… The China Study.


I got a cold!

December 29th, 2014

I’m not complaining!

But I did get a cold, and I write about it because I normally don’t get colds and flu. Indeed, I sometimes seem to “catch” a virus, but it is a mild occurance that lasts a day and does not affect my work. I just know I have “something”.

But this time was different. I got a sore throat, a lots of mucus. And even a bit of a headache as the infection was clearing. Well, not a headache, but a stuffy head.

The cold started Christmas eve, through Christmas day, Stephens day (26th) it finished.

So, why should I get sick like that?

I teach healthy lifestyle after all!

Well, I’m not perfect. So here are the areas of stress that I believe led to my brief visit to the world of being sick!

1. Some emotional stress. Which we all get, and can often be a bit more at Christmas time.

2. Being too busy. Christmas time shopping and preparations etc.

3. Body being in its lowest ebb of the year at the solstice time, shortest day of the year..

But none of this would have had the effect it had without the following…

4. Overeating the wrong kind of food. Typical mistake around Christmas and I got caught out! I discovered Vegan mince pies! Not raw or even remotely healthy! But Vegan. And its Christmas!

Well, I don’t believe in guilt trips, and I’m not on one. But I do believe in being honest with myself.

So, there it is, the direct cause of my two days of discomfort… The mince pies! Not a bug. Mince pies. I just put in too much of the wrong stuff into my body. So my body could not function at its best.

Its as simple as that.

No guilt. Just learning something.

If we can be open to learn from every setback, we can avoid it happening again!

Lets look forward to 2015, and putting lots of good food into our bodies!

Getting Over Christmas

December 29th, 2014

Christmas is a time a lot of folks get sick.

Its easy to see why:
Cold weather, short days, body at a low ebb.

Add to that a hectic shopping hype, plus getting ready for hosting friends and family, and everyone is tired and stressed.
Add to that the 6000 calories that the average Irish person consumes on Christmas day. (Rule of thumb is that most of us need around 2000 calories per day. So Christmas day is 4000 extra calories we don’t need!)

But at least the 6000 calories is healthy calories, right?

So, you can see why we often get a bit unwell around Christmas time.

You will notice that I did not mention “the terrible bug that is going around”.

The reason I don’t dwell on that is because if we are healthy, we don’t get that bug, and if we are unhealthy, we get that bug.

Its not the bug, its us!

So, what can we do now to recover from Christmas?

Here are a few simple steps you can take:

1. Lots of hydration with warm drinks.

My favourites are herb teas of all kinds, and my special ginger tea:

Peel and grate a piece of ginger, about the size of your thumb. Put that in a pot. Boil some pure water, about three mugs worth. Pour that over the ginger. Allow to infuse until cool enough to drink. Then add juice of half to one lemon, plus 2 teaspoons honey, or 2 tablespoons date soak water.

2. Lots of fruit for light energy.

There is a surprising amount of good fruit around at Christmas time. You can get lovely mandarins, melons, persimmons, apples, pears, and grapes right now.

3. Winter root salads.

There are not a lot of nice greens, but lots of root veges that can be grated into salad. Like carrot, beetroot, parsnip. Plus you can add butternut pumpkin, and sweet potato.

4. Simple steamed veges. For some nice warm food, just steam some veges, and use lots of fresh and dried herbs to add flavour.

5. Raw Soups. Raw soups can be warm! You just don’t boil them. If you have my book you will find recipes for delicious warming raw soups.

I hope you will have a very healthful start to the year with these simple steps!

milk, a force of disease

November 15th, 2014

Every time I do a google search today I see the same ad for

“Milk, a force of nature”.

Its a National Dairy Council propaganda campaign funded by the E-You to convince you to drink more milk by whitewashing the following facts:

Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of another animal.

Humans are the only animals that are never weaned (even the calf stops drinking cow milk after a few months).

Cow milk is made to turn a tiny calf into a one ton monster within a year. This is done via concentrated nutrients and Bovine Growth Hormone, found in milk. Bovine Growth Hormone is almost identical to Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormones are not a good idea. Given that cancer is out of control growth.

Milk products have been proven to be a potent cancer food.

Milk products acidify your body.

Milk products rob you of calcium! The acids produced by milk cause your body to use bone calcium to neutralize the acidity. The countries with the highest consumption of milk have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Milk, a force of nature. For calves.

Simple things I ate today..

November 15th, 2014

Hi there Health Seeker,

Its so easy to eat a super healthy mostly raw, vegan plant food diet.

Here’s what I had today..

1. A big herb tea to start the day, lots of liquid to get my system fully hydrated. I make a pot and drink two large mugs. Today I had my signiature ginger lemon honey tea. (This is not truly vegan, as honey is an animal product. The vegan version can be easily made by substituting date soak water for the honey).  grate some ginger, about a thumb sized piece. Put that in a pre warmed pot. Pour boiling water over it to infuse it for five minutes. Juice a lemon. Important: Do not add the lemon or honey/date water until the tea has cooled so you can drink it. Overheating the lemon or honey leads to nutrient loss. Strain the tea into a mug to get out the ginger bits.

It is a fantastic drink for winter. At any sign of a cold, I take it. I never get a full blown cold or flu. Touch wood!

2. Fruit smoothie.

Blended soaked dates, pineapple, banana, ginger, cinnamon, mint leaf.

I had the ginger over from the tea making so I chucked it in. I had fresh herb mint, so in it went too! Delicious, and great fuel for the day.

4. I was visiting friends, so they gave me a simple meal of bananas, honey, pecan nuts and tahini.

5. I had some soaked hazelnuts with dates too.

6. My friend made chocolates! Hazelnuts and sesame seeds, with a thin layer of dark chocolate. I had two. That’s ironic, as I just ranted about the dangers of raw cacao. For me, that piece of chocolate was a once per six months event. A small thing in the big picture. Still, I’m not sure how well I will sleep tonight!

7. I also had some alfalfa and broccoli sprouts with avocado.

Today was a little unusual as I was with a friend who keeps bees and I sampled his honey. I wouldn’t usually use honey that much.

But in any case, you can see how simple and easy it is to eat natural raw wholefood fruit and vegetable meals.

Tomorrow I will have a big green juice, as I missed out today..

If raw cacao is so good, how come so many experienced raw foodists are abandoning it?

November 15th, 2014

If you are trying to add more healthy raw plant food to your lifestyle, you have certainly come across the “superfood” called raw cacao.
There is an entire raw cacao industry.
And raw cacao is being touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Dubious honour!)
We are told raw cacao contains tons of nutrients.
And that it is the “food of the gods”, whatever that means.
And that people feel energized and euphoric when taking it.

Well, here are some facts you are not being told:
1. Raw cacao is only technically raw. Many doubt that it is even raw by the “never over 40 degrees C” standard. It may well be only raw by the “cold pressed” or “no added heat” standard.
2. Raw cacao contains lots of nutrients, but it also contains even more toxins.
3. Due to the toxins, raw cacao acts as a stimulating drug. The effect of stimulants is to goad your body into hyperactivity. Your body reacts to the toxins by adrenal stimulation, adrenaline release, and glucose rush. This is all done in an attempt to flush out the toxins. The resultant feeling is an “energy rush”, similar to coffee. Of course, it is not true natural energy, it is false, adrenal stimulation, and continued use of cacao or other stimulants will lead to adrenal fatigue. And the exhaustion that follows..
4. Taking raw cacao is not a healthful practice.
5. Raw cacao is addictive.
6. Raw cacao is not a food. A food should be edible in its whole natural state, as you find it on the tree. Raw cacao, as you find it in nature, is a very unpleasant tasting seed. The bad taste is natures way of saying..more toxins than nutrients, stay away.

So, is there any alternative. Happily there is. Raw Carob powder is a delicious food. It is non stimulating and very pleasant to eat. The carob powder on the market in Ireland is of poor quality, and is roasted. However, I am sourcing a high quality carob powder, which I will let you know about shortly.

For more information on raw cacao, here are some videos of experienced raw foodists speaking out against it..

More evidence that injecting poisons into children causes autism..

November 15th, 2014

From the mother of this boy..

“As a woman of faith I must speak the truth in love, and sometimes it can come across harsh. Not everyone who sees Autism really understands what Autism is. Yes, our children look normal on the outside and occasionally we can get a great picture of them making eye contact and smiling into the camera, but that is not easily done. When someone says that their child is blessed with Autism, and that God made him/her that way… maybe your child really doesn’t have Autism, just enough symptoms for them to be placed on the spectrum?

Autism is not a curse; it is a damaged brain and gut/immune system disorder that our child got from something ingested, not genetically. You may have an autoimmune disorder that passes down in your family making you believe that your child was made this way for a reason, when really it was our decision to place toxins into their small developing bodies through vaccines, food, etc.; anything consumed.

The side that parents and teachers deal with in the cases of Autism that isn’t seen by others may include: chewing and eating anything, screaming, crying, humming, flapping, walking on their tippy toes, groaning, cannot sleep, holding their gut in pain, laying on furniture to put pressure on their gut, unable to speak, behave in lashing out tantrums, smearing their feces everywhere and eating it, cannot understand simple vocabulary words, no instinct of danger, bang their heads on walls repeatedly, biting themselves to the point they bleed and are severely hurt, and have extremely high pain tolerance. There is so much more that I can list, but you should now have a better idea of what is behind the label Autism.

When parents warn you in love to please protect your child, it’s because they know what the truth is and care about you. My son was vaccine injured and I will stand by him every step we take with tremendous love, and heal what I have injured. My son was not born Autistic, he was injured by my poor decisions. One day he will be able to tell you his story because this Mom is never stopping, and my son Landen Von Steffen will be healed.”

You can read the full article here:


How to eat lots of healthy food for sportspeople..

October 13th, 2014

I don’t eat anything processed whatsoever anyway and I always go for the best quality I can get, it’s just with the quantity of food I eat for training it’s hard to do

Many people have a problem with weight gain. Healthy whole fresh ripe, mostly raw plant food will be a boon to them because it is full of satisfying nutrients that curb hunger, and also less calories per serving than rich processed foods.

But sports people can have the opposite problem..

a normal male burns 2000 calories per day.

An athlete burns 3000, 4000, and even more calories per day.

Now, athletes will thrive by eating fresh, whole, ripe, mostly raw plant food. But the question arises, how to get enough?

Here are some tips for active types:

1. Eat lots of sweet fruit.

2. Eat dry fruit, but usually it is best rehydrated by soaking it.

3. Energy snacks can be made with nuts and dry fruit.

4. Refuel after exercise with the ultimate sports drink: Bananas blended in water.

5. Fruit smoothies are a good way to bring fuel with you.

6. Starchy carbs like potato and wholegrains are good fuel, as long as they are not overloaded with fats.

Is a Healthy Lifestyle only for rich folks with lots of time on their hands?

October 13th, 2014

I got the following question…

Cathal…do you mind me asking how much you would spend on shopping for yourself each week or do you grow a lot of your food? I know I would eat a higher percentage raw if I had the space and money as have very little storage space for juicing etc in college as am sharing with others

I love this question, because it brings out the idea that we all get from time to time…

The Healthy Lifestyle seems to be for people with lots of money and time!

There seems to be lots of expensive supplements, ingredients and tools, and it seems to take a lot of time.

Well, guess what, that’s doesn’t have to be the case. (Although it often is).

Here is my response:

do you mind me asking how much you would spend on shopping for yourself each week or do you grow a lot of your food?

I don’t spend any more than the average person, and I eat far superior food to the average “normal” shopping trolly. The reason for that is that while I am paying extra for wholesome, mostly organic food… the average shopper is paying extra for processing and packaging. So it all balances out in terms of money. But in terms of health its not the same..

Fresh, ripe, mostly raw, plant food is the way I eat. That means whole, unprocessed fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. And including some grains and legumes too.

Of course, calorie for calorie, white bread and jam is cheaper. But nobody eats like that. People buy various processed foods, meats, dairy, biscuits and so on. And the cost adds up. So most people spend about the same as me on food. Only its not as healthy.

I can’t say my exact spend per week, as I often do food demos, so there is some blurring between mine and the demos.

I have been growing a lot of my own food this year, for the first time, and that also makes a difference. But even if you don’t have a garden, you can grow your own greens all year round by sprouting.

Come along to one of my classes to find out how!

I know I would eat a higher percentage raw if I had the space and money as have very little storage space for juicing etc in college as am sharing with others

That is very common. In fact, the place I went to learn about juicing and sprouting was founded by Ann Wigmore, who lived in a tiny apartment in Boston.

Here are some tips:


When sharing with others you may not have the option to dump the microwave and replace it with a quality juicer!

In a small apartment you may have to shop more often.

I have shared an apartment and a tiny fridge.

We kept our fruit in bowls, which is better anyway. So we had our half of the fridge for keeping our greens and other veges.


You don’t need to do juicing if you can’t afford a good juicer. All you need is a knife and a chopping board! Then you can add a €25 blender to make smoothies. Then add a €40 foodprocessor for quick salads. Although a €2 shredder will do in the meantime.

Cheap healthy meals:

Breakfast: Monster Fruit smoothie made with 100g soaked dates (€5 per kilo), 1/4 pineapple (€2 each), 3 bananas (1.59 for 5). This keeps you going up to lunch. Bring some with you in a bottle.

Dinner: Mega salad with chopped/shredded vegetables. Make a dressing from my book. Add some nice organic potatoes, boiled. Or cooked legumes like chickpeas. Make extra to bring as lunch tomorrow.

There you go,

About €5-€7 for a day of high quality whole, fresh ripe, mostly raw food that will lift your mood, and energise you.

And the days worth of food can be prepared in an hour or less.

Copyright 2009 Cathal Spelman