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Discover How to Make Food that Makes You Healthy!

Food for Natural Health, Evening Classes

Our Evening Classes are very popular because you get

  • Hands on Learning, you get to make every recipe.
  • Lots of Tasting.
  • Recipe book to use in classes
  • All your Questions Answered.
  • Knowledgeable Instructors with over Ten Years experience.
  • Convenient Dublin City Centre Venue, close to Dart, and With Parking Nearby.

Course Details: Every Class includes an overview of Benefits of Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant Based Nutrition. All classes use fresh whole, Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Legumes. All recipes are Raw, or Conservitavely cooked for maximum nutrition and health.

Class 1: Breakfast: Includes Options like Smoothies, Musli, and Juicing.

Class 2: Main Meals: Includes Salads, Dressings, Main Courses.

Class 3: Sweets and Treats: All treats made using wholefood ingredients, and without use of refined sugar.