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Healthy Diet.... DO try this at home.

Food for Natural Health…. Home Demo for You, Your Family, and Friends.

Learn Simple Easy and Quick ways to Have More Energy, Improve Your Appearance, and Boost Your Health.

Healthy Diet... At Work...

Food for Natural Health. At your workplace. More Energy, Better Health. Everyone Wins.

Yoga and Healthy Diet Holiday in Hungary June 2018

A guided Holiday. Yoga and Food for Natural Health. Hungary. June 8-15, and June 15-22, 2018. Yoga, Daily excursions, including three different Health Spas, Delicious Wholefood meals, Classes and Demos on Healthy Living.

Welcome To The First Step In Adopting A Real Healthy Life Style

Healthy Diet can make such a huge difference in your life. If you would like to Look and Feel Ten Years Younger, without Drugs or Surgery, this is for you! If you would like to Dramatically Improve your Health and Avoid the Diseases that Plague us today,(Like Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Auto Immune) this is for you! This site is brought to you by Cathal Spelman, one of Ireland’s most experienced teachers of Natural Healthy Lifestyle.You will learn how to use a Healthy Diet comprised of Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant Based ingredients. You will be able to make massive improvements in your health, based on practical guidance. And it is founded on solid scientific evidence. And the reason why you will want to do that is because we are faced with an epidemic of Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, and a raft of other ailments right down to the common cold… all of which are largely avoidable, and even reversible by simple changes in what we are stuffing into our mouths! It is really quite simple, but there are BIG industries who don’t want you to know the simple truth.. We all face a simple choice, Healthy Diet for Natural Health, or unhealthy Food for a life of disease. Its up to you to choose for yourself. Many people have made an unconscious choice that leads to unwanted consequences like low energy and ill health.

Healthy Diet

Some Harrowing Food Facts: Why we really need a Healthy Diet now….

(Facts below are for Ireland but are being repeated all over the world..)

  • The Average Irish Person will eat 6000 Calories of unhealthy food on Christmas day. (We need 2000 calories per day!)
  • The Average Irish Person has a 1 in 3 chance to die prematurely of Heart Disease.
  • The Average Irish Person has a 1 in 3 chance to suffer from Cancer.
  • Obesity and Diabetes are at Epidemic Levels.

There is no need to be average! By adopting some simple Healthy Diet changes in your lifestyle, you can achieve dramatic improvements in your health.

Healthy eating

Our “Hands on Learning” classes are a great mixture of fun and education.

The journey to Natural Health is the best you will ever embark upon. No need to take the journey alone. Join us at our many events and meet like-minded people too! You can learn all about how to adopt a Healthy Diet that you can follow every day.

Don’t be a statistic!

Learn to dramatically improve your health and increase your quality of life. What we eat is the key to our Health, good or bad. Come to a Real Healthy Lifestyle class and learn how to prepare the only food that is shown to quickly reduce risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, and Auto Immune diseases.

The Food:

Low-Fat, Wholefood, Plant Based. The more you eat of it, the better your health. These pages will Make it simple and easy for you to transition. I hope you take time to look around, review some of the evidence we have for you, and make up your own mind. Make a move towards a Healthy Diet… When you are ready to make changes in how you eat, take a look at the classes and courses we offer, or sign up for one to one consulting.