How to Live a Real Healthy LifestyleWhile Travelling and Socialising



Never Fall off The Wagon Again…

Even While You are Travelling and Socialising..

If you find it easy to be healthy at home, but you fall off the wagon when travelling or socialising, this might be the most important letter you ever read…

By Cathal Spelman

When I speak to people all over the world about how to live a healthier lifestyle, one of the biggest challenges they mention is being healthy outside our homes. We can be pretty healthy by controlling what we buy and prepare at home, but as soon as we travel or socialize, we lose that control….

Not only that, but we often come under big pressure to eat in ways that we don’t want to. That pressure can be really intense, and it comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes when we are travelling, and hungry, and there just seems to be nothing on offer but unhealthy junk food.

Then there is the pressure from friends and relatives when we are socializing. Did you ever find your food choices become a focus of attention around the table. Did you ever find yourself feeling scrutinized over what you want to eat or drink?

I have done quite a lot of travelling, and I have been discovering healthier foods for the last 15 years. Most of the time the travelling was happening at the same time as the discovering.

I have found myself in airports, supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants, hungry and a long way from home. I have had to find solutions that keep me healthy as well as satisfied.

Plus I have had long experience of dealing with friends and family who are not necessarily following the same path when it comes to what I choose to put into my body. And I have found the secrets to sticking to what I believe in, while keeping friendships strong, and winning the respect of those close to me.

And not only that, I have found that it is not just about keeping up your healthy ways. It is also about keeping healthy to enjoy your travels and holidays more. How many people do you know who have had a holiday ruined due to ill-health? That can be anything from stomach upsets to colds and other sicknesses that seem to appear all to often on expensive holidays.

That’s why I’m pleased to release a new program called:

Never Fall Off the Wagon Again…How to Enjoy a Real Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling and Socialising

In this program, you will learn:

  • The undisputed FIRST STEP you need to take BEFORE you do anything else involving staying healthy “on the road”.

  • The 7-Step System that you can use to organize yourself for healthy travel

  • Exactly how to prepare for being healthy while travelling.

  • How to stay healthy on longer flights and long holidays.

  • How to be healthy on short breaks and business trips.

  • Why some “healthy” foods can be dangerous in certain foreign countries and how to get healthy food while avoiding travel sickness

  • Learn the 3 steps to being healthy when staying with friends even if they are dyed in the wool meat-eaters and fast foodies.

  • Why you don’t need to come across as defensive, or a weirdo, or cranky in order to let people know your preferences for a healthier lifestyle

  • The fastest way to prepare a Healthy Lifestyle travel pack.

  • What you need to know about airports, petrol stations and other “food-refueling” spots on your travels.

  • The WORST mistake you can make in air travel, especially long haul.

  • The top 5 strategies to take your healthy lifestyle on the road. Any ONE of these methods could turn any holiday from a “struggle” into the best time of your life.

  • Breakthrough for eating out…Why you don’t have to be limited by “what’s on the menu”. My easy approach to coax the chef into “getting creative” just for you!

  • And more!

6 Reasons Why This Program is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

If you’re wondering what makes this program on How to Stay Healthy While Travelling and Socialising different than other programs you’ve seen on the subject, consider this:

  • Difference #1

This is not some magazine article written to fill space, and full of bland generalizations that anyone with common sense would know anyway. This is written by a seasoned road-warrior who has lived a Healthy Lifestyle for over 15 years

  • Difference #2

All the different types of travel are covered, because they are all quite different, from the weekend away, to business travel to Long Distance and extended stays, from travel within your own country to travel involving far flung exotic locations

  • Difference #3

I have stayed in every imaginable accommodation, from a beach hut on stilts to classy multi-storey urban hotels. I have been in self catering accommodations with all the facilities I might need, and I have also been in standard travelers’ hotels with a kettle and a teabag. I can show you how to stay healthy no matter where you might find yourself.

  • Difference #4

My dining out tips are based on eating in every kind of restaurant, and usually in the company of VERY conventional eaters.

  • Difference #5

Most travel guides are written for a broad market of everyone, and they make absurd assumptions about what you want from a holiday. This guide is written only for people who want to experience travel from the peak of health. (Those who are happy to go sight-seeing while hung over or ill will just have to look elsewhere!)

  • Difference #6

This program is based on extensive research and feedback from my existing customers, so it is written with your concerns as the subject matter.

Here are some comments from people who have experienced my Real Healthy Lifestyle approach…

The interesting way facts were put over and the new foods presented. The whole living food lifestyle is very attractive, especially if it can halt and reverse diseases. Fantastic workshop.

Ethel Viljoen,

Gonubie, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Very clear explanation of the whole concept of Living Foods. Very interesting and enlightening. Your own enthusiasm and “practicing what you preach” are hugely encouraging.

Moninne Howlett,

Stillorgan, Co Dublin, Ireland

Very practical and inexpensive way to eat and stay healthy. Thank you very much Cathal, wonderfully motivating, I will never be the same again.

Tracey Mangold,

Beacon Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

How Much Is This Worth to YOU?

I have researched this subject in detail for the last 15 years. Much of my travel has involved staying at some of the top health retreats in the world, where the most effective healthy lifestyle habits are pioneered. It has been a great adventure, but also quite a big investment over the years. I know that I have spent well over €10,000 ($12,500) in direct expenses to gather this information and experience.

And I believe it is worth every penny of it.

Not only that, but there is a lot of time involved too, because the information comes from different sources. It has taken 15 years of investigation to uncover many of the approaches that I have discovered along the way.

So this program is meant to save you time and money.

I’ve been advised that, due to the unique information, and the research involved, that a fair price for this would be around €50.00.

But for the initial launch I am prepared to release a limited number for just €19.95.

Special Bonus

For the next 99 orders, you can also get this special bonus completely free!

Your very own downloadable recording of the entire programme. This narration in MP3 format will bring the entire programme to life, and will allow you to listen to the Real Healthy Lifestyle Travel and Socialising program, while you travel!

This €15 extra value is yours FREE when you order today.

You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

Order How to enjoy a Real Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling and Socialising and take as long as 60 days to try out our program. You have to be fully satisfied with the value you get!

If you don’t think this is the very best program you’ve ever seen about being healthy while travelling and socialising, and do not feel it is worth at least 10 times its purchase price, simply contact me and I’d be more than happy to refund you 100% of what you’ve paid.

No questions asked.

So give it a fair try! You risk nothing by getting started now!

7 Great Reasons Why you should get

How to Enjoy a Real Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling and Socialising”

1. Save Money while you travel and socialise – Most of the unhealthy foods on offer are also vastly overpriced. You can enjoy better food and pay less.

2. Convenience – By knowing how to be prepared, you can be ready in advance for your travelling.

3. Less awkward moments – You will know how to avoid any embarrassing social situations by getting what you want without fuss.

4. Save the Environment – Even as you travel or eat out you can help to build a healthier planet as well as a healthier you.

5. Easy to Prepare – You can prepare your food in just minutes, so you have more time to enjoy your travels.

6. Enjoy more — You can avoid the common pitfalls that leave travelers sick and miserable while on an expensive trip.

7. Peace of mind – Be ready to really enjoy your trip, and know that you will arrive home refreshed and energized while others have to recover from their travels.

Why Wait to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get the most from your travelling, and really enjoy your healthy time with friends and famiy…..

You don’t have to wait to read this book, because it is available to you as an instantly downloadable eBook, in a UNIVERSAL, PDF format. You can get it now, even if it’s 3 a.m.!

Travelling and Socialising are great experiences, but for too many people they are spoiled by getting sick as part of the experience. Now you can get so much more from travelling and from time with friends and family, by making that time part of a fun Healthy Lifestyle.


Cathal Spelman

Order Now!

Never Fall Off the Wagon Again…How to Enjoy a Real Healthy Lifestyle while Travelling and Socialising”

Get in control of your health while you travel and socialise, and see how much more you can enjoy the experience.


PS: You are getting a program based on my years of experience and everything is practically tested.

PPS: The price right now is for a limited time only, and I have include the wonderful bonus recording to reward you for taking action now. In fact, if this program saves you from just one “bad” meal, it will pay for itself many times over.

PPPS: You will start to enjoy meeting with friends and family, and sharing with them your discoveries about how great you can feel with natural foods.


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