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One to One Consultation on Your Real Healthy Lifestyle

Food is really important for our Health. In fact, some authorities believe that 80% of all disease is directly caused by our food choices.

But….It can seem that there is a lot of confusion about nutrition. It is not surprising really… There are many industry lobby groups who are very eager to sell us on the idea that their product is good, or at least, not that bad! So, as a result, every time we pick up a newspaper or magazine, there is some new idea, probably contradicting yesterday’s news!

What if you had an independent voice on your side? Someone who is NOT working for an industry group! Someone with a clear and scientifically backed approach that has helped thousands of people around the world…

In the Food for Natural Health Consultation, you get the benefit of 15 years experience in teaching Healthy Lifestyle, with the backing of leading research into food choices that actually work for More Energy, Better Health, and Permanent Weight Control.

Our one to one sessions are based on your goals for your health. We also help you to find healthy choices for the kinds of food that you enjoy. We then help you to make a meal plan based on predominantly Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant Based, High Nutrient Eating.

Cost: Consultation is broken down into half hour sessions. At least one hour is suggested to begin with.

€29 per Half Hour Session. (After the first continuous hour, rate is €25 per Half Hour Session)

Venue: One to One Consultation can take place at our venue in Naas, or over the phone or skype. Can also be at your place in Co. Dublin, Co. Wicklow, or anywhere within 40km of Naas, subject to €30 callout fee.

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