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Food for Natural Health… At Your Workplace

We all want to be more healthy, especially at work. Life is so much easier when we are in good health.

The good news is that there are simple natural foods that can inrease our energy, while dramatically
reducing risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, Obestiy, Diabetes, as well as
boosting immunity against common colds and flu.

Our mission is to demonstrate these foods,and help people to incorporate
them into their lifestyle.

The benefits are

More Energy,

Permanent Weight Control,

And hugely increased immunity to diseases.

It is a Godsend for the work environment, because we all enjoy our day
and work best when we are in top health.

Our Demo consists of a factual talk about how food affects us every day,
Questions and Answers, practical demonstration of how to make
dramatically healthier food, and….

Lots of tasting!

The tasting makes the event relaxed and fun for all concerned.

The food we demonstrate is all simply prepared from Wholefood, Fruit,
Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, and Grains. All the food that we consistently
hear good news about.

Practical Considerations:

Run time is 20-60 minutes, depending on your needs.

As tasting is involved, it can be done around lunchtime if that suits you.

Cost is per person: €15, which includes the talk, Q&A, demonstration and
Minimum group size is six people.
There are savings for larger groups: Over 15 people, €14 per person,

Sampling is generous and typically includes A
breakfast recipe, Main Meal Savoury, and a treat.

Please Fill out the form below to enquire about a Food for Natural Health Demonstration at your workplace.

Warm regards,

Cathal Spelman

PS, if you are passing on info to colleagues, here is the short summary:

Real Healthy Lifestyle would like to come in to do a presentation called
Food for Natural Health.
Its about Natural Food you can make that helps with
More Energy
Stronger Health and Immunity
Permanent Weight Control

They do a short talk, a demo, and lots of tasting!

I liked the emphasis on good taste, as well as health…. And the friendly presentation style.


Carmelisa Dunne

Core HR

Food for Natural Health, Workplace Demonstration and Tasting

Everything was clearly explained, very keen to try myself.

Gemma Skelly

Core HR, Dublin