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It has been quite a week. But the over-arching theme for me now is this:

The lies and deceptions of Covid 19 are now so obvious, and so damaging, that it is time for the opposition to unite and co-ordinate to spread the truth.


And remember: Lies and Deceptions need ever more complicated artifice to prop them up.

The truth can remain simple and elegant.

Just pointing out the Lies is enough.

And the truth about the lies of Covid 19 remains very simple:

1. The Covid test is a fraud. It produces over 80% false positives. It’s purpose is to produce “cases”.

2. The death figure is a fraud. If any of the fake “cases” dies for any reason, within 28 days, it is a Covid death and gets added.

3. The lack of treatment is a deadly lie. HCQ, vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, are effective remedies to the tiny minority of people who get significant symptoms of Covid 19.

4. The vaccine is being rushed out on the basis of the fraudulent test and death rates, as well as the lie that there is no alternative. It is neither safe nor effective.


Here are some of the highlights of the week:

I went along to the protest at the phoenix park on Saturday. Due to the massive censorship of RTE, other media and social media, there were hundreds there, rather than thousands. If it were not for the censorship, there would be thousands for sure.


Everyone I meet in day to day life, when Covid 19 comes up, I say,

“I’m not a believer”.

That’s all I say. I word it thus because Covid 19 is a religion, not a science. It thrives on blind following, and the perception that everyone believes in it.

But when I say “I’m not a believer”, I almost always have interesting conversations, where it turns out… They’re not a believer either.


Almost everyone I meet realises that this is just a marketing campaign by big pharma.

And of course, fearmongering IS their marketing tool of choice.


So, if you also are not a believer in the lying religion of Covid 19, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Although it may seem that way if you listen to radio, TV or social media.

They are so censored they create the illusion that a lot of people believe this nonsense.


Of course, many do. But more and more are waking up to the truth about the lies.


“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.


So I met some great people at that small gathering. And the opposition is getting organised. There were a number of people distributing very well produced information leaflets.


Two conclusions:

We need to go “old school” with flyers to get the truth out. Big pharma has taken over the media, social media and government. It is time to go direct.

And, we need to work together.

So, if you are ready to get involved in a bit of publicity, please contact me asap.


In other news:

The protestors took a walk up the quays, went to the GPO, and then back down the quays. The Gardai shadowed the protest but did not intervene. Til the very end. Just as the protesters got to the end of the quays five minutes from returning to the park and breaking up, the Gardai did a road block and tried to make arrests/ take names.

I mention this as it was just a silly and petty publicity stunt to get themselves on the news.

But in another way it was most unfortunate to see the co-ercive power of the state deployed against people who dare to question the lies of Covid 19.


Remember, there is no political discussion in parliament. The Dáil is like the Soviet Union People’s Assembly right now. There is just the pharma line, and no discussion. Well, there is a fake discussion about how one side wants the vaccines even faster than the other. That is a betrayal of the concept of a republic.

Similarly, the media and social media have become pharma shills and censors.


So the only outlet remaining is for people to gather, and that is opposed with force.


Of course, some people will say that the pandemic means you can’t gather or speak out.

What that means is that the lie is too fragile to be questioned. If it were the truth, why the need for Soviet style censoship of all platforms, including parliament? Why the fake consensus?

On the one hand, we have a manufactured consensus as a result of censorship. And then that fake consensus about a deadly virus is used as a rationalisation to ban people from the only remaining outlet…. gathering to discuss the issues.


In other news: Pfizer went on the record to their investors this week, to reassure them that as soon as they declare an end to the pandemic, they will revert to commercial pricing.

Which translates as:

“We get €40 per person right now, but that is not enough. That is just pandemic pricing. As soon as we have introduced the concept of mandatory vaccination against Covid, and everyone is our customer, we will jack the price up as high as we like, and make the really big money”


For the record, €40 x 5 million Irish Schmucks = €200 million potential income, just during the pandemic.

If they can jack the price up to €80 in the post-pandemic-but-you-have-to-be-vaccinated-to-travel world, you are looking at €400 million potential income per year. Just from Ireland.

And that is just with one course of 2 shots per year.


What about the “new deadly variants” that will appear after everyone gets the jab. Potential for more shots and more profits.

And the best part is….

It is completely risk free…

for Pfizer, haha.

Not for you, sucker.


If you get an adverse reaction, you are on your own.

And if someone else gets an adverse reaction, you have to pay for it.

Not Pfizer.

That’s how they do business.

Risk free, Maximum profits.


You can’t say they let a good plandemic go to waste!


In other news:

I heard on the news as I drove along…. (sometimes I accidently stumble upon some mainstream media babble..)

The State Examinations Board.. (I’m picturing some old dudes around a table…)

Has decided masks must be worn… (I’m picturing leaving cert students sitting at those tiny desks doing the leaving cert exams, wearing masks, breathing excess levels of CO2 which decreases mental accuity, recall, and concentration)

“..For the leaving cert ORAL exams…”


For the Oral exams? Are you kidding?


Can you imagine that scene?

Examiner: “Bonjour, bienvenue, Comment Vous vous appeler?

Student: “Bonmmumblle, Je me mmumble mumble”

E: “Et esceque vous avez une opionion sur le pandemique terrible?

Student: “Oh bienmmmble, Je Crois que le panmmmbue. Est le plusmmujmble de mummble , et mmumble mummmble, c’est le mmmle normal”

Examiner: Merci.

Lets see, should we give them an A, B, C, D, E? Who knows.


That is just part of the peak absurdity world that we now live in.


In other news:

Remember to reach out to me by email, and lets get the opposition rolling!


And finally:

There are many fine and articulate leaders of the opposition.

But one of the finest must be an English gentleman by the name of Dr. Vernon Coleman.

You may not have heard of him. But that is because he has been censored from all traditional and social media.

He should be on TV every day, as he speaks the truth with conviction and skill.

He has been writing about the corruption of medicine by big pharma for forty years!


He has challenged all of the big mouths of Covid 1984 to a debate, but they refuse. When you hear him speak you will understand their fear…

One of his videos is below.

You can find more at vernoncoleman.org

Also, a mention to brandnewtube.com, an excellent alternative to the censorship of youtube.

(By the way, Youtube have announced, with perverse pride, that they have deleted 800 thousand videos about Covid 19!!)