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In the previous post we learned about the beginnings of the Covid 19 event: Exaggeration of mortality, convincing the public that there is a deadly disease, plus the suppression of effective treatments.

Every tale has a beginning, Middle and end. Now we can look at the Middle.


6. Lockdowns were based on false data:

Lockdowns were invented by a man called Neil Ferguson. You don’t hear about Neil Ferguson at all right now. But he was famous in March 2020. Neil Ferguson is an academic who specialises in scare mongering. He has a dreadful record of provoking extreme actions by governments as a result of dire predictions that he produces with computer models.

Previous debacles of his include Mad Cow disease, and Swine flu. In both cases he produced computer models that predicted awful outcomes. These predictions were later discredited.

Undeterred, Neil Ferguson did the same thing again in 2020. He fed dubious assumptions into his computer model, and announced that 2 million Americans and 200,000 Britons were going to die from Covid 19.

In Ireland, similar calculations were made and we were told that up to 60,000 could die here.

As a result, Governments in Europe and the USA especially, instituted stringent lockdowns.

There is a saying in computer science: Garbage in, garbage out. Ferguson’s computer models were based on assumptions that Covid 19 is a deadly disease that can kill anyone. This has been shown to be completely false.

In fact, Neil Ferguson didn’t believe his own pronouncements, and that is why you don’t hear of him now.

After creating the model that justified Lockdown, Ferguson ignored the Lockdown. While everyone in the UK was under house arrest, Ferguson had his lover leave her family home and cross London for a visit. When this became public he had to resign.


7. Lockdowns Have Created Huge Damage:

Lockdown is a unique behavior never seen before in human society. We have had entire nations placed under effective house arrest. No mixing, no touching, no hugging, no speaking, face masking. The psychological damage to the social being that is a human is immense. We take socialising for granted, like breathing, because it is similarly vital. And overnight it was removed. The damage to our well being is immense. Solitary confinement is considered the most extreme punishment in prison settings, yet Lockdown has amounted to something close to Solitary confinement.


In the USA it was calculated that for every 1% increase in the rate of unemployment, there is a corresponding 36,000 increase in total deaths. This is due to substance abuse, increased acts of violence, suicide, and increased deaths from many diseases such as heart attack. These are the so called deaths of despair.

Imagine the increase in deaths that will result in Ireland from Lockdown, where unemployment jumped from less than 5% to 20% overnight. And add to that the added isolation of Lockdown. There has been almost no discussion of the harm being done to our well being by the lockdowns.


8. PCR is a Fake Test

The PCR test for Covid19 is fakery in its application. It is a test for genetic material associated with Covid 19. This genetic material is associated with other life forms as well as Covid 19. Hence goats and Papaya could test positive.

The amount of genetic material is also a very important factor. It is not just the material that matters,

but also the amount. Very infinitessimally small amounts are simply not relevant. We are all walking around with tiny amounts of genetic fragments from colds, flus and other viruses. It does not mean that we are suffering from those diseases.

The PCR test for Covid 19 is set for an insane oversensitive 45 cycles. That means it will pick up on the tiniest amount of target genetic material. Testing positive for Covid 19 at 45 cycles, is equivalent to insisting that someone is in a room right now because you found a fragment of their hair there.


9. Media Bandwagon

The mainstream media transformed from any pretense at independent and investigative journalism to Lockdown cheerleaders, and sheepdogs for the public at large. Every single TV, Newspaper and radio show sang from the same hymn sheet. The discussion revolved around whipping up the hysteria, calling for more Lockdowns, and demanding complete vaccination. It should come as no surprise that the architect of Lockdown 2020 spent millions of dollars on gifts to the BBC and other influential media outlets in the leadup to 2020.


10. Social Media Crackdown

The Social Media giants showed their true colours as an Oligopoly in 2020. (Oligopoly = Monopoly, but with a few players, rather than just one). They acted in unison to ban discussion on their platforms of topics like The harms done by Lockdowns, The inaccuracy of the PCR test, Resistance to Lockdown measures, Doctors and Scientists speaking out about Lockdowns, PCR test, and Vaccines. All of the above have been cleansed from Social media using Artificial Intelligence technology that makes the Soviet KGB look like a picnic.


11. Lockdown as Social Engineering.

From the very beginning, back in March 2020, Bill Gates came out and said “These Lockdowns will have to continue until we get a really great vaccine”

Was he being amazingly perceptive, or was he implementing a clever strategy.

Imagine, if your goal is to vaccinate everyone in the world against all kinds of diseases, and implement a vaccine passport scheme to make it mandatory to have a vaccine, you have two choices:

1. The Stalinist approach: Take this vaccine or it is off to the Gulag with you.


2. The 2020 approach: Fear, Panic, Lockdown! Your home is the Gulag. But you can get your freedom back when you take our great vaccine.


With option 1 you get resistance and protest.

With option 2, you get the people running out with their sleeves already rolled up for the Vaccine.


Welcome to the new world. You have to hand it to these people. When it comes to Social manipulation, they are very clever.


12. Indemnity for Vaccine Makers

Another point made by Bill Gates from the start was that the makers of the “Great Vaccine” that we had to be imprisoned to wait for, must be given indemnity.

That means, whatever harm happens to you as a result of taking the Vaccines, you have NO recourse against the makers. NONE, NADA.

The governments have given the makers complete indemnity from any claims against the makers for any damage caused by the vaccine.

Imagine the attitude of anyone making a potentially dangerous and experimental treatment if, on the one hand they knew they could be sued by anyone harmed, and on the other hand, if they knew they could NOT be sued by anyone harmed.

Imagine in addition, if the people who got the indemnity were convicted felons, convicted of killing patients with previous treatments that they knew to be harmful. (All of the top four international vaccine makers are convicted felons for that very crime).


13. NPHETyranny: The Triumph of Unaccountable Academics

As part of the pre-planned globally choreographed Covid event, every government had to come up with an “Expert Group” to push the Lockdowns. They had to be non-political of course. So various academics were cobbled together to form A-Teams for Lockdown, each with a cute sounding Acronym. Ireland got NPHET, the National Public Health Emergency Team. The UK got SAGE. This was a clever political stroke, as these completely unaccountable people could come up with the demands for more and more stringent lockdowns. They have, of course, proven themselves to be completely and willfully ignorant of the facts surrounding

the false assumptions underlying the concept of lockdowns,

the inaccuracy of the PCR test,

the dangers of giving indemnity to the makers of the experimental vaccines, and

the immense harm caused by Lockdowns.

These people are directly causing harm to us and our children. And the politicians who are supposed to represent us are hiding behind their academic gowns to shirk their responsibility to protect our well being.

The members of NPHET are unreachable, have no public office to respond to queries, take only the most sycophantic questions from a docile media, and are themselves immune from any consequences of the actions that they inflict upon us.




This brings us to the end of the middle of the story.

So far we have learned

Part 1

1. Death rate from Covid 19 was exaggerated

2. The actual death rate for Covid 19 is very low

3. Simple and effective treatments for Covid 19 exist

4. Lives were lost due to not adopting the proven treatments

5. Total deaths from Covid 19 are inflated to include deaths WITH Covid 19


Part 2:

6. Lockdowns were based on false data

7. Lockdowns Have Created Huge Damage

8. PCR is a Fake Test

9. Media Bandwagon

10. Social Media Crackdown

11. Lockdown as Social Engineering.

12. Indemnity for Vaccine Makers

13. NEPHETyranny: The Triumph of Unaccountable Academics


What we have seen so far amounts to a crime against humanity on a global scale. But make no mistake, the target of this crime is us and our families. It is up to us to stop this. Nobody will do it for us. We are the Cavalry.


Next installment is the End Game.