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Covid 19 excess Mortality: Equivalent to 2018 flu

Although we have yet to see the official figures for total deaths in April, a reader has helpfully pointed me to some research done using death notices on RIP.ie

The conclusion:

There has been a spike in total deaths in April. But it has been equivalent to the previous spike in 2018 when there was a bad flu season.

Given that the average age of those deemed to die from Covid 19 is 81, and that over 60% of deaths have occurred in Care homes, we can conclude that the mass lockdown of healthy productive people is a huge mistake.

You can see this more clearly when you realise that for most young people, Covid 19 has little or no effect at all.

Harmful Lockdown

Stay at home orders and closing businesses had little effect, aside from bringing us a recession.

Further evidence: Infection rates declined after lockdowns lifted. It looks like this disease takes its own course, like flu, and is naturally declining. So the lockdown is a destructive waste of time.

Further evidence of the damage being done by lockdown: One third of Americans is now suffering from anxiety, depression, or both.

Inconsistent Lockdown

And in any case, the “Lockdown” is completely fake. If it were really quarantine, you wouldn’t be allowed to go to the supermarket, and you certainly wouldn’t be allowed to order takeout food. How can that make sense? We are all supposed to stay home, and avoid all human contact, to stop the spread of the disease. But somehow its ok to order in fresh food prepared by someone else? Food that has been breathed over, then we eat it? It is just so inconsistent. We have to stop all economic activity, but we can still eat food prepared outside the home.

End the Lockdown

To be clear, I’m not calling for a ban on takeouts.

I’m calling for a lifting of the nonsense lockdown.

And continuing to be very careful with the at risk group of 70+.

Do Some Science..Will ya?

Also, we need to find out the link between corona virus mortality and flu vaccine. Flu vaccine certainly didn’t help, because it is the people who are most likely to get flu vaccine that are dying. What we need to find out now is whether the flu vaccine is creating a hyper sensitised and deadly reaction to this corona virus. This has happened before. So we need the figures on how many of the Covid 19 fatalities had flu vaccine.

What is the Agenda being pushed?

Bill Gates and the vaccine lobby are pushing hard to use this over hyped flu outbreak as a vaccine marketing exercise. Vaccines are being promoted as the solution to covid 19.

But bear in mind that vaccines are not even tested in any real way. Flu vaccines are tested against last year’s vaccine. Gardasil was tested against an aluminium injection. No vaccines have been subjected to proper double blind placebo controlled tests.

There is a simple reason for this:

In the words of the US Supreme Court: “Vaccines are inherently unsafe”.

So much for the reassurances that vaccines are Safe and Effective.

They are neither. Bill Gates and the vaccine manufacturers know this.

That is why they refuse to test them properly.

This is an Epic War

There are literally trillions of dollars at stake right now. Vaccines are hugely profitable. And the vaccine industry has mainipulated politics to the point where they are immune from prosecution for the damage being done by vaccines.

But on the other side, if the truth comes out about all of the children being made autistic by vaccines and the allergies and autoimmune diseases being caused by the toxic soup being injected into children and adults daily, then there are going to be trillions of dollars claimed by the victims. And rightly so.

Either way there are multiple trillions of dollars at stake.


the truth comes out and vaccination gets tested properly once and for all, and people get access to scientific information on the dangers they are exposing themselvs and their children to,


The vaccine industry gets their way, and get to impose mandatory vaccination on everyone as a result of this hype. In which case, they get to muddy the waters forever, because there won’t be an unvaccinated population to act as a control group.

It is happening now.

And the outcome is up to you.

Get your boots on. There is a war going on.