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First we have this great video of Doctors speaking out against the Covid 19 Vaccine. It can seem from big pharma led media and government propaganda that there is support from all medical professionals for Covid vaccines. But this is far from the case. here are just some of the voices speaking out against it.

Next: Some videos of people suffering very real adverse effects from covid vaccines. These are untested vaccines, in any real sense. They have not been subject to thorough and long term testing. You are the experimental subject. And these vaccines are not even necessary: There are safe and effective treatments, so the Emergency Use Authorisation for these vaccines is based on false pretenses.

These harrowing scenes present graphic confirmation that there is no reason to take the risk of subjecting ourselves to these un-necessary dangerous experimental treatments.

You will notice that these videos come from Brighteon.com. That is one of the new, freedom of speech platforms available. The tech monopolies like youtube, google, and facebook, are busy censoring this content. There is no point for me to use videos from youtube. most of the relevant content doesn’t make it past their Artificial Intelligence censorship bots. Even if I do find some there, they are destined to be censored after a short time.

It is best for us to punish those tech monopolies for their censorship of our speech. They are not complete monopolies yet. For interesting videos on the covid 19 scandal, you can use


I’ve also heard good things about




There are a lot of doctors, genuine scientists, and concerned citizens publishing excellent content about this.

Unfortunately, there are also victims of the vaccines posting their adverse reactions.

Let’s take heed, and don’t repeat their misfortune.

You won’t get any of this information from mainstream media, or the large tech platforms.

let’s punish them for their censorship by viewing elsewhere.