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I was planning for this blog to bring you even more evidence that Covid-19 has a mortality rate similar to annual flu, rather than the dramatically high death rate that we are being presented with. However, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

The reason for the delay is because there is a limited time opportunity for you to access an excellent documentary series all about the facts about vaccines and their safety.

This is really important for you to know about, because, as I’m sure you have noticed, the talking heads of the media have a two step process in play when it comes to Covid-19:

1. The risks and dangers of Covid-19 are being overstated in a very big way at every opportunity, and

2. We are being told that we face this danger, “until a vaccine becomes available”.

Thus the vaccine is automatically taking the role of our savior. And the assumption is put out there that this vaccine will be safe and effective. Because all vaccines are safe and effective. Or so we are told.

And there are serious and sincere suggestions that we all get vaccinated and carry some kind of certificate to prove we have done so. In a situation where it is taken as given that the risks of Covid-19 are extrordinarily high, and the dangers of vaccination are non-existent, it is an automatic conclusion to take the vaccine. And perhaps to permit for forced vaccination of those who resist.

But this all rests on an assumption that vaccination is safe and effective. It will do all of us well to find out for ourselves if this is really the case.

From 22-30 April there is a documentary series on vaccines running that might help you to make up your own mind about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

I’ve just been watching episode 2, and it really is excellent. It has a very clear and rational approach. It is one episode available per day. So you have missed two already. If you are interested, you need to go over there right away and register so you will get the link every day for each episode in turn.

This is very timely opportunity for you to make an informed decision.

You can visit the website here.  You will see the banner to click for the “9 part docu-series”.

To save you time, you can also click here and it brings you direct to the page where you sign up.

Either way, there is a trailer for you to watch.

Interesting to note: One of the contributors is Robert F. Kennedy Junior, son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy.

I hope you can make some time to take advantage of this opportunity to become better informed on the vaccine issue.

warm regards