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The total death numbers for 2020 show clearly that there was a small but significant increase in total deaths in March 2020. This was about the same increase as was seen in the flu season of 2018.


However, in 2018 there was no call for lockdowns and mask mandates. The flu season passed, and we got on with living.


2020 was of course different. There had to be a Pandemic, by hook or by crook.


From April 2020 onwards, total deaths decreased to exactly parallel previous years. There were NO extra deaths through the summer and autumn of 2020.


But…. What about all the deaths announced on TV, and all of the cases announced on TV?


Enter the PCR test regime.

The test was developed by creating a sample of covid 19 \”in vitro”, namely in a computer simulation. This was then amplified in testing using a PCR test.

However, the inventor of the PCR test, Professor Kerry Mullis, stated categorically that the PCR test was not suitable as, and should never be used for, diagnostic testing of any disease. The PCR test “takes a small amount of something, and makes a large amount of that thing for you” to paraphrase Prof. Mullis. Even Anthony Fauci admitted that using the PCR test above 34 cycles resulted in false positives and useless results. The PCR test was typically run at over 40 cycles.


The resulting Pandemic of cases was enough to keep the population in fear and justify lockdowns. Also any of the “cases” who died, for any reason, could be chalked up as having died “with” covid 19, which the gullible public were led to believe was just the same as saying they died “of” covid 19.


The Cover up of effective treatments.

Front line working doctors quickly realised that Covid 19 was insignificant in the under 60s. And the older at risk patients could be saved by using a range of effective proven therapies. Some were nutritional supplements like vitamin C, D and Zinc. Other were drugs like hydroxychloriquin, Ivermectin.

These effective treatments were outlawed based on a fraudulent study published (and later retracfted) by the Lancet.

There have been many studies and testimonies by doctors since then to confirm the usefulness of these therapies.


Why would anyone want to ban effective Therapies for Covid 19?

Aren’t we All In This Together?

No, we are not all in this together.


The Pharmaceutical Crime syndicate needed to get Emergency Use Authorisation for their unproven product.

Emergency Use Authorisation requires

1. A widespread dangerous disease. (Hence the abuse of the PCR test to fake the Casedemic). And

2. No effective treatment.

This was the reason that granny was left to die on a ventilator, while effective treatment protocols existed for the few who got serious symptoms of Covid 19.


Release of the Deadly Vaccine

The vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all. Vaccines contain various bodily fluids derived from sick animals. These are believed to contain the targetted virus, which, it is hoped, the body will recognize and make a defence against future exposure.

That is vaccines.


What we have now is a genetically engineered “messenger RNA”. It is put into your body, gets into your cells, and instucts your cells to produce a “spike protein”. This, it is hoped, will be recognized by your body, which will make a defence against future exposure.


The producers of the treatment “assumed” that the artificial messenger RNA would be short lived, and would stay at the injection site. They had no reason to be certain this would be so, they just assumed it.


Now we have evidence that the spike protein messenger RNA is getting all over people’s bodies, and producing the spike proteins. As a result we are getting the blood clotting, and women’s ovaries seem to be a target site, with many reporting severe issues with their reproductive organ.


Among many many side effects, we are seeing blood clotting, heart inflammation, paralysis, menstural disrupton, speech inpairment, and even brain disorders.


Meanwhile, the experimental vaccine is experimental in name only. If it were experimental, data would be collected and results would be calculated. Instead we have a propaganda campaign telling us the vaccine is safe, and the side effects are being

1. Ignored.

2. Explained away as co-incidence

3. Blamed on covid variants.


In the meantime, this dangerous product is being rolled out to 18-32 year olds.


That age group has a 99.99% survival rate from Covid. It is as likely for an 18-22 year old to die of covid as it is for them to be struck by lightening. They are NOT at risk from covid. And the covid jab is 50 times more likely to kill them than the virus itself. (That is from a Pfizer vice president, see video below).


They have effectively zero risk of harm or death from covid 19, yet they are being exposed to this dangerous product that is killing and maiming young people all over the world.


Where is the risk-benefit balance in that?


Or are these young people being sacrificed to save granny? The same granny left to die alone on a ventilator while she was denied effective and safe treatment?


There are 6,000 deaths and over 20,000 hospitalisations linked to Covid vaccine since January in the USA. And that is with their VAERS reporting system that was found by a Harvard University study to report as little as 1% of adverse events from vaccines. Even allowing that they show 10% of adverse events, we would be looking at 60,000 deaths.


It is reckless ignorance to allow young people to take this covid jab.

Below you can hear from a Pfizer vice president stating that the artificial spike proteins create blood clots.

The video after that is an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He is a hero for telling the truth about vaccine damage. Do yourself a favour and listen to him.