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During the recent roundtable discussions held to conclude The Truth About Vaccines 2020, Robert F. Kennedy Junior revealed some startling facts about the effects of increased unemployment on people. Namely, more people die, a lot more.

This is just one of the facts ignored in the non existent risk assessment around the Covid 19 curated panic.

It has been recognized for decades that, in the USA, for each 1% increase in unemployment, there is and increase in annual deaths of 37,000. In fact, as this figure has stood for some decades, the true amount is likely higher, due to population increase.

As the US population is 331 million in 2020, the increase in deaths, per 1% increase in unemployment is more than 100 per million.

This is accounted for by suicides, domestic incidents, heart attacks, substance abuse, and a variety of other causes of death, all of which increase due to increased unemployment.

If we apply these figures to Ireland, we can see that with 5 million people, we could have 500 extra deaths per 1% increase in unemployment.

However, Ireland’s unemployment is set to increase from a pre covid rate of 5%, to a new normal of 18%, a 13% increase.


In Ireland, we could see an increase in deaths associated with high unemployment of 6500 extra deaths in a year.

This is just one of the side effects of the policy of total lockdown in the face of what has turned out to be a mild disease, that is harmless to the vast majority of the population.

And even with the most exaggerated reporting of deaths, has accounted for a death toll of 1850.

There has been no logical discussion in connection with Covid 19, just fear mongering.

And this continues right through this year with the most exaggerated case-demic based on provably false positive results at a rate of 80% false positives.