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Here are some important facts about the Mode-RNA “vaccine”.
In fact, it turns out it’s not a vaccine at all.

It is a piece of “messenger RNA” that is put into your body. Then it goes to your cells, and instructs them to produce a protein.
(That is what RNA does).
In this case, it produces a protein associated with Covid 19.

Your body then mounts an immune response to that protein.

That is the same process as auto immune disease, where the body has an auto immune response to proteins produced within the body.

Except in this case this effect is being produced deliberately, in a process of irreversible genetic engineering.

In the words of Andrew Wakefield from the video…. “What could possibly go wrong?”

Well, one thing is for sure, whatever may go wrong, it is your problem, not the problem of the big pharma corporations, because they have complete 100% immunity from any consequences or side effects of their Covid 19 vaccines.

And bear in mind that the big four vaccine manufacturers are all convicted felons as a result of selling medicines they knew to be harmful, but which they continued to sell because they were making so much money.

These are the people we are to trust?