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I just read the detailed timeline of the leadup to Covid 19, and it is a sorry tale of epic proportions.

Let’s take a look at some of the players and phenomena involved in this

Gain of function research:

This is a new and controversial branch of virology that seeks to genetically alter natural viruses and add potency and transmissibility to them, in order to…. Well, that is where the controversy lies. But it is certainly playing with fire. Much of the research has been into Coronaviruses. This research began in early 2000s, and coincides with appearance of potent coronaviruses like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The Wuhan lab in China has become a leading location for this research. It is on record for creating engineered Corona viruses. Including bat coronavirus. Many believe that this type of research does nothing to prepare us for pandemics, but risks creating them.

Bill Gates:

Made Billions as founder of Microsoft, from where he must have developed an obsession with viruses. He has, since 2000 been working on his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Mostly promoting vaccination. The foundation founded (yes) the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI). Gates started funding the WHO with billions of dollars in 2010. And he is now the largest donor to the WHO. In other words, he owns the WHO. Gates is on an international campaign to vaccinate the world. In 2017 the Indian government severed all ties with his foundation, after his vaccines were blamed for

almost half a million cases of childhood paralysis in India.

In 2019 the gates foundation ran an invitation only simulation of responses to a global pandemic. What great timing.

Gates is touting a digital biomarker to be injected with the Covid 19 vaccine to prove that you got it. A mark of the Beast if you will.

Gates is controlling the narrative on Covid 19. His main message: You suckers are staying home until you take my vaccine.

And he plans that you won’t be allowed to travel, work, or shop, unless you have his mark of the beast.

And by the way, Bill Gates knows exactly what he is doing. In 2016 Robert F Kennedy junior was arranging to have Congressional hearings about the damage being done to children by vaccination, especially the provable vaccine-autism links. Bill Gates himself explained how the newly elected Donald Trump was deciding on whether to support the hearings or not, and Gates persuaded him not to. The hearings have not happened.

Anthony Fauci:

Has declared swine flu vaccine side effects to be very very rare, just before massive amounts of severe reactions were reported in multiple countries. His NIAID has directly funded the controversial and dangerous Gain of Function research at Wuhan.

Neil Ferguson:

Works at Imperial College London, which is funded by Bill Gates. He is the one who published the alarmist projections that 500,000 Britons and 2million Americans would die unless we had a complete lockdown. This was swallowed whole by media and govenments worldwide, with geniuses in every country taking out their calculators and dividing the figures by the population difference. Ireland came up with 60,000.

The actual death toll has been nothing like that amount, and that is not even taking into account the fact that there is huge over reporting of Covid 19 fatality.

And just in case you think “Yeah, but that is thanks to Neil Ferguson getting us to lock down”:

Some countries did not do the extreme lockdown measures, and got similar results to everyone else: Sweden being a case in point.

Ferguson’s plan was based on the idea to flatten the curve: the idea being to keep infections below a level at which the hospitals become overwhelmed. But no hospitals became overwhelmed anywhere. But this curve flattening has the effect to slow the arrival of natural herd immunity among the 80% plus of the population who have little or no symptoms.

Neil Ferguson’s projections were based on false assumptions.

Which he didn’t even believe himself, because in the middle of the lockdown, he was caught with his pants down, inviting his lover to leave her family on the other side of London and join him at his place.

The Swedish Epidemiologist.

Whatever his name is. He’s quite the hero in Sweden. He applied science and rational thought to the problem: He recommended cocooning for the old and unwell, and the rest of society to carry on much as normal. What happens in such a situation is that the virus goes through the healthy population, most of whom are asymptomatic. Population builds natural antibodies and immunity. This is called herd immunity. Once there are enough immune people, the disease has nowhere to go, and dies out. Sweden has had no worse fatalities than other European countries.

Flu Vaccine

As I mentioned in a previous post, Covid 19 is harmless to the vast majority of the population, but it kills people who have had the flu vaccine. This correlation is extraordinarily high: 54% of Covid 19 deaths in Ireland occurred in nursing home residents, a 100% flu vaccine group. We can say for certain that flu vaccine has done nothing to protect anyone from Covid 19 mortality. But we can also say that it is a suspect that may cause a severe fatal over-reaction to the virus. It is shocking that, rather than look into this co-relation, the Irish Minister for Health has announced “free” (you pay) flu vaccines for all children under 12. Up til now children have been immune to Covid 19. But watch out for the “deadly new strain” that kills children.

The Media

The mainstream media is revelling in the spotlight of being the only source of information and anything like human contact for the entire society. They have never had such a pivotal role in our lives, and they are loving it. They are also careful to push only the “official relaible” information, and they do not question any of the players named above about their actions and their plans for our dystopian future.

Meanwhile, the new digital media like facebook, youtube, wikipedia, and google, are continuing with the digital bookburning by deleting the posts and videos of those who dare to question the official narrative.

The Government

Somebody once said that politics is all about being seen to do the right thing. And that is certainly the case now. Governments are made up of teachers, auctioneers, and the like. They react to the media outcries that come from people like Bill Gates and Neil Ferguson. They want to be seen to do the right thing, whatever that is in the moment. So, in this case, they are going along with the Bill Gates agenda.

Robert F Kennedy Junior

An honourable man in a sea of fools and knaves. He is standing up for the rights of children and adults to live a health life, free from being poisoned for the sake of corporate profits. A lot of the details in this post are taken from

A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making

What we know so far:

The Covid 19 lockdown is destoyiing the livlihoods of millions of people.

The virus may well have been the result of reckless genetic manipulation.

The death rate is being exxagerated.

Hospitals are empty. Nurses making dancing videos.

Covid 19 is deadly to exactly that group that is thoroughly vaccinated with flu vaccines

Covid 19 is being used to push vaccination, and mandatory vaccination.

What you can do:

Please share this article on social media.

Please contact your local representative. They are being programmed by the media too. Let them know that there is another side to the story.