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“The problem with dealing with the apologists for the Covid Vax rollout, is that they won’t debate or allow discussion.

When they are confronted with uncomfortable facts, like people dying after the vax, they have a barrage of excuses, ranging from

No, but it’s a co-incidence, to

No, but it would have been worse if they didn’t take the vax, to

No, but it’s a new variant, to

No, but it’s long covid, to

No, but it’s a new symptom of covid.


And on and on.

Every possible side effect and adverse reaction of the vax is being designated a new effect of covid.


In addition, any discussion of the multitude of giant plot-holes in the Covid narrative, has to become technical at some point. And that leaves lots of space for more weaseling, and deliberate confusion.

For example, if we bring up

The inaccurate PCR test, we need to talk about Carey Mullis, the inventor of PCR, and how he said it should not be used as a diagnostic test, and we need to mention the 45 cycles Threshold and why that is way too much… and so on.

Same with the casedemic, based on the PCR test, we also need to refer to the Central Statistics Office annual average death rates… and so on.

Same with discussion of the adverse effects. We need to mention various diseases we never heard of before, like Bell’s Palsey, Pericarditis(?), Heart inflamation, brain swelling, blood clots…

What to speak of Spike Proteins, and Cytokine Storms.


All of these are valid points, but at some point the listener’s eyes will glaze over, and it becomes too much to take in, which is a boon for the vax pushers. They want people to get overwhelmed and give up critical thinking.


What to do?


Here’s what to do…

We can focus on the one simple fact that will, in simple terms prove or disprove the claim that the vaccine is safe and effective.


After all, the vax pushers keep saying the vax is safe and effective.

So, let’s see if that is so. And we can do that in a very simple and transparant way.


All that needs to be done, is compare deaths among the vaxed, vs deaths among the unvaxed.

It is as simple as that.

The vax has been rolled out since January. It has, we are told, been given to 90% of adults in Ireland. Great, so now we can prove the claim that it is safe and effective.

And it is so simple to do.


Lets take all the deaths in Ireland since January. And check the vax status of each person.

If, as is claimed, the vax is safe and effective, we will find a higher death rate among the unvaxed vs the vaxed.


If we find the opposite, that there is a higher death rate among the vaxed, then the vax will be proven Unsafe, and Ineffective.

This is the most simple process. It is a wonder it has not been done til now, if the vax is so safe and effective. In fact, the vax industry has ensured that this has never been allowed to occur for the entire history of all vaccines.

As recently as 2016, Robert F. Kennedy Junior was promised access to health records to check the health outcomes for vaxed vs unvaxed children. The Trump administration promised him that access. However, after a one million dollar donation from Pfizer, the plan was taken off the table.


So, now, today the best strategy for those of us with sufficient critical intelligence to question the Covid vax rollout, is to insist on this simple figure.

Deaths per 100,000 of vaxed, vs deaths per 100,000 unvaxed.


Some Caveats.

1. How about the fact that vax recipients are older? That is just a “yeah but no but” argument. Firstly , the vax has been rolled out to 90% of the entire population. Plus, the comparison can be made within age bands, to ensure like vs like.

2. What about hospitalisations? We have to put that aside for now. The reason is that hospitalisations can be faked. There are already nurses coming out to say that healthy unvaxed are going to hospital for a broken arm, getting PCR’d, and if positive, put into a Covid ward to be announced as “in hospital with Covid”.

3. The comparison must be made in a way that is entirely verifiable by independent researchers. Government, the media and the medical profession have completely discredited themselves, and their word is not trustworthy. We need the facts.

4. “But there are more vaxed than unvaxed, so of course more vaxed will die”. I shouldn’t have to say this… but the comparison is between vaxed deaths per 100,000 vs unvaxed deaths per 100,000. If the person making this argument is a civilian, fair enough, they don’t know. But any “expert” making that argument is deliberately lying.


The beauty of the deaths among vaxed vs deaths among unvaxed is that it is a straight forward binary yes/no question.

Is the person vaxed/unvaxed.

Are they dead/alive.

 There is no space for weaseling or excuse making.


Bear in mind, the vaxers won’t want to have this comparison made. Because if they do their house of cards will fall.

They will have no scope to say,

“Oh, there is a new delta/mu variant that is being spread by the unvaxed, and we need another booster to combat it”.


Because, if there are more vaxed dying than unvaxed, it means the vax is neither safe nor effective.

It also means that people are dying of the vax and not Covid.

Otherwise, there would obviously be more unvaxed dying than vaxed if it was covid killing and the vax saving.


This can become the unifying demand of the opposition.

“Yeah but, No but…”

“Enough excuses, Show us the deaths”


Let’s pin them on this one. They can’t weasel out of it.