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A table spoon of ground flax seeds just may need to be added to the “Apple a Day” to keep the Doctor away. Especially if we don’t want to see the doctor giving a cancer diagnosis to us or our loved ones.

Recent Scientific research has shown clear evidence that ground flax seeds can help to prevent and even reverse both Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer, probably the most dreaded cancers for women and men respectively.

A diet high in a fibre based compound called Lignans is found to result in lower risk of both breast and prostate cancer. Of course, you will find NO lignans in animal foods, because animal foods contain NO dietary fibre. You will of course find Lignans abundantly in plant foods like seeds and wholegrains along with vegetables, fruits and berries. But among all of these, none is higher than flax seeds.

Add to these the fact that just a small amount of flax seed taken daily also provides an abundant source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital to health. Flax provides omega 3s without the cholesterol and environmental pollutants found in the often touted fish oils.

How to Take Flax seeds:

Flax seeds must be ground to be digested. You can buy them whole and grind them in a coffee grinder, or buy them ground. They are available in Health Stores and supermarkets. You only need to take 1 Tablespoon (=3 teaspoons) or 15ml per day. Flax doesn’t taste delicious, it is quite bland. It is best taken sprinkled onto fruit, or muesli, or salad. Sometimes flax seed is sold milled and mixed with dried berries or seeds. if you take a mix, double the amount you take.

Flax seeds will work best as part of a Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant Based diet. To learn how to quickly and easily adopt the Healthiest diet around, check out upcoming classes on this website.

Happy Flaxing.


Information Source: http://nutritionfacts.org/2013/10/15/flaxseeds-for-breast-cancer-prevention/