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The PCR test is the basis of the pandemic of cases of Covid 19. Every Covid 19 test is a PCR test. It is what NPHET relies upon when they tell you about the rising numbers of cases.

I have been stating in this blog since the summer that the PCR test for covid 19 results in 80% false positives.

But I was wrong… it is even worse than that.

Dr. Fauci, the US Covid Czar, admits that at anything over 35 cycles the PCR test has 0% accuracy.

Of course, Fauci now endorses the PCR test and relies on it as do all the other self interested “experts”, government estate-agents-turned-politicians*, and media hacks.

That is why Dr Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test,  was so outspoken in his criticism of Fauci

The PCR test creates a big molecule out of some small fragments. It is a technique to study biological material. It is NOT a test for disease. Dr Mullis was very clear about that, as you will see in the video below.

The PCR test magnifies fragments of molecular material in cycles.  However, the more cycles, the less accurate it is at detecting the presence of a molecule in a sample.. Over 35 cycles, it is determined to be 0% accurate.

However, all over the world, the PCR test is being run at 40-50 cycles. It is entirely meaningless.

It is worse than meaningless, it is harmful. Because all of these false cases are created, stoking the fires of hysteria worldwide.

And what about Ireland?

You can see the letter from the HSE (Ireland’s National Health Service) below. They admit that they are using the PCR test at 40-45 cycles. That means they are well over the treshold of 0% accuracy. As admitted by Fauci.

So what does it mean?
In Ireland, as elsewhere, the PCR test is being used to create a completely false and fake pandemic of “cases” of Covid 19.

This keeps the population primed with hysteria and keeps them compliant with ridiculous and counterproductive mask and distancing mandates.

It also keeps the population on their toes waiting for the promised vaccines. (Which i$ v€ry v€ry importan£).

In the meantime, the usual January seasonal flu outbreak is being used to hype the hysteria.

Miraculously, flu has been eradicated in 2021, simply because everyone with flu symptoms tests positive on the 0% accurate PCR test.

The usual increase in deaths in January associated with flu season is, of course, attributed to Covid.

The usual increase in hospital occupancy is, of course, attributed to Covid.

When a 0% accurate test is so widely applied, almost all sickness can be attributed to Covid.

Think about it, remove the “omg, we have thousands of cases” mantra, and what have you left? A typical January, with seasonal flu spike, and some extra deaths.

In fact, in a typical January in Ireland we usually get the “trolly count” of how many people are on trollies due to lack of beds in hospitals as a result of the annual January surge in hospitalisations.

So, this is a quiet January compared to the usual.

Of course, one of the many plot-holes that has opened up in this tissue of lies is the following:

Because the PCR test is 0% accurate and renders the desired huge numbers of cases, the result is a severe lack of deaths. Even with the statistical sleight of hand resulting from “Died with covid” becoming “died of covid”, there are just so few deaths in comparison to cases that the “recovery rate” now stands at around 99%. Which undermines the deadly disease mantra.

Of course, the solution for the media is to ignore that and just focus on the “huge and growing numbers of cases”.

We certainly live in interesting times.

Letter from HSE below, with my highlight of PCR test running at 40-45 cycles.

Video below that with the quotes from Dr. Fauci and the challenge from Dr Mullis. It also shows the chart from scientific journal illustrating the 0% accuracy above 35 cycles.

(* Note to offended estate agents: Nothing against you haha. But government is made up of a variety of school teachers, estate agents and other unrelated professions, who are not representing the people, nor are they examining the facts. They are in awe of the “experts” and are not doing due diligence. If any estate agents will step forward and acknowledge the facts, I will applaud them).

12th October 2020

REP DR/20/05093

Question from Constituent Cathal Spelman, NaasHow many cycles of the PCR test are carried out when testing for Covid 19 in Ireland?

Dear Deputy Heydon

SARS-CoV-2 PCR assays in Ireland are operated in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and the CE marking for the assay. It is the manufacturer that decides the optimal number of cycles for the assay, not the testing laboratory.

Higher Cycle threshold values typically indicate a lower amount of virus in the sample. However, the CT value alone does not indicate whether the virus load is increasing or decreasing, it does not indicate whether the individual is infectious or not, and it does not provide an indication of the specimen quality (i.e. how closely the specimen mirrors what is actually happening in the patient’s respiratory tract).

The number of PCR cycles used in Ireland is decided by the manufacturer of the assay, so there is no single answer. The HSE uses a wide range of assays. As a general rule, most assays run for 40-45 cycles.

I trust this information is of assistance to you, but should you have any further queries please contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Damien McCallion

National Director, HSE