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Roy Butler was 23 years old. He played soccer for Waterford United. His death was announced two days ago.

According to RTE, The Irish Independent, The Sun, Waterford News and Star, and other media outlets, Roy Butler died suddenly, “after a short illness”.

“After a short illness” is not the kind of language we associate with the death of a 23 year old. It is the type of thing we hear about an 80-90 year old, whose health suddenly deteriorates.

None of the media outlets above told us anything else about his death.

But his aunt did:


This case sums up the cover-up of Covid jab deaths and injuries perfectly.

Firstly, we only heard about Roy Butler’s death because he is well known. If he was an average 23 year old, it would not have been reported.

Secondly, despite being obliged to report the death, the media chose to ignore the fact that he was jabbed just days before his death. No questions asked. The co-relation is not even mentioned.

Now we can see just how devious the media-pharma alliance has become. They have decided that the vaccine is safe and effective, and they choose not to disturb our minds with facts to the contrary.

Apologists for the Covid jab will retort that we can’t tell for sure that the jab killed him, as co-relation is not causation.

This is a half truth trotted out to deflect investigation of the deaths and injuries arising from Covid jabs.

Co-relation may not be causation, but co-relation means investigation. There is possible causation and it must be investigated thoroughly.

There are over 12,000 deaths reported in the USA linked to the Covid jab. That is a lot of co-relation. But no investigation. Just excuses.

That is not science. It is marketing deception.

If this were a scientific process, every death and injury occuring among the vaccinated would be publicly logged. And the rate of death and injury compared to the unvaccinated population.

If the Covid jab is sagfe and effective this simple process will prove the point very quickly.

Yet the pharma cartel won’t allow such science to take place.

Instead the media cover up the deaths and injuries for them.

Aided by Government and medics.

Media, Government, Doctors, and Pharma, are all in breach of their duties, and are abusing the powers that they have during this manufactured scare.

Now they are effectively killing people by covering up the harm being done by the jabs.

Would so many Irish people be rushing out to get the jab if they knew that Roy Butler and other healthy young people had died or suffered severe injury after taking the jab?

Would they be in such a rush to bring their 12 year old children to subject them to a jab with decumented side effects such as infertility, heart inflammation, blood vessel damage leading to clotting, paralysis, and death. ?

Therefore, those who cover up the side effects are responsible for all side effects suffered.