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Here is an interesting history of our best friend: Vaccination.

In 1786 a man called Edward Jenner took cowpox pus and injected into a boy called James Phipps. Then he injected it into his own son. Neither boy got smallpox. But both were dead by age 21, of tuberculosis.

Then Jenner got it approved by Parliament.

But nobody wanted it.

But that was ok. Because not many people died of smallpox.

Then it became MANDATORY. (1857)

Then loads of people died. (1857-1859 14,000 dead)

Then Australia banned the vaccine, and the disease vanished there.

Then there was a huge decrease in mortality from pertussis whooping cough. (1918-1948 from 16 deaths per 100,000 down to 2 per 100,000. )

Then the vaccine was introduced. (1948)

Then there was a disease called autism, but it was very rare. 1/50,000 in 1930s.

Cold War Era:

Then the US military decided that there had to be a vaccine industry so that they could have a quick vaccine against biological warfare attacks.

Doing proper safety tests like those required for ALL MEDICINES, would take too long. Medicines are tested in a double blind, placebo control trial. That means some people get a harmless, inert substance, instead of the medicine being tested. That way, SAFETY, and EFFECTIVENESS can be assessed.

As this would take too long, the military had vaccines re-classified from “medical drug”, to “public health measure”. And vaccines were never safety tested from that time onwards. Never.

No double blind, placebo control studies. No population studies comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated children for health outcomes. Nothing.

Not officially anyway, although some universities have done independent studies.

The number of vaccines began to increase steadily.


By this time autism rates reached 1/500.

There were more vaccines being given to infants and children. There were also more and more cases of autism and other serious injuries being ascribed to vaccine damage.

Vaccine producing corporations were being sued, a lot.

Then the vaccine companies went to the US congress and said:

“We are being sued too much over damage being done by these vaccines that we don’t have to do any meaningful safety tests on. We are losing too much money. So we are going to shut our vaccine factories, and if you ever need a vaccine quickly, you won’t be able to get one because there will be no factories”.

So the congress said

“OK. Here is a law. You can’t be sued.”

So the vaccine companies went, “OK, lets crank up the vaccine machine”.

Vaccination rates increased up to 60 doses of 16 different vaccines, during childhood.

Autism rates took off too. From 1/50,000 in 1930s, to 1/500 in 1980s, to 1/50 today. That is an increase of 100,000% (1000x). At this rate of increase, the rate in 2032 will reach 1 in 2.

Horrific family destroying brain injuries becoming more and more common.

The US congress did setup a vaccine claims court. This is a very under publicised resource, but nevertheless it has paid out billions of dollars of taxpayer, not Pharma, money to claimants in the USA.

While these figures are for the USA, most countries have followed the lead given by the USA. For instance, Ireland has a vaccine schedule for children that is more and more similar to that applying in the USA, and Ireland also has one of the highest autism rates in the world at 1/100.


Andrew Wakefield published his findings that MMR vaccine is linked to autism. Particularly, he found a strong link between age of injection, and rate of autism.

Due to the public outcry, the CDC (centre for disease control) stepped in to provide an “unbiased study” to confirm or refute these findings.

After a two year delay the CDC declared Wakefield was wrong, no link between MMR vaccine and autism. This CDC study became the basis of assurances by an army of TV “experts” that vaccines are safe, and that the link between MMR vaccine and autism is disproven…


CDC whistleblower comes out and reveals that CDC fixed the data of the MMR study and committed scientific fraud. CDC director gets a new job, now works for Merck, producer of MMR vaccine.

Wakefield et Al make a movie to expose the fraud (vaxxedthemovie.com). Facebook, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia launch digital book burning campaign to hide the movie and silence those who question vaccines.

Bill Gates has a “Road to Damascus” moment of inspiration, and decides that, having made billions selling the world’s most virus prone operating system, he would wipe out computer viruses, -no, sorry- people viruses. Gates declares 2010-2020 the decade of vaccines.

Robert F Kennedy Junior, environmental lawyer, is busy sueing power plants that are polluting waterways with mercury from their waste emissions. Parents of autistic children confront him with a mountain of scientific studies that show the link between vaccine ingredients and autism. Kennedy joins the fight and founds https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

Kennedy discovers that the CDC and other national health authorities have continued to be derelict in their duty by officially approving vaccines that are not even safety tested.

Typical case in point: Gardasil vaccine is released as a “safe and effective” means to protect girls from HPV. The clinical trial consisted of injecting half the subjects with gardasil vaccine, and half with a harmless placebo, -no, sorry- they were injected with the aluminium adjuvant which is one of the most suspect ingredients in vaccines. Gardasil vaccine has resulted in the ruin of lives for many young Irish girls who are left suffering narcolepsy and other life changing injuries.

The generation born since 1990, when the full force of extended multi-dose childhood vaccination came about, has become the sickest generation in American history. They have the highest levels of many chronic diseases that have ever been recorded in US history. An astonishing 56% of American children have a chronic disease. 56%. FFS. This is especially the case with auto-immune diseases like asthma, arthritis, and allergies. They also include the highest ever levels of developmental issues (1 in 6).


Much as the “neo-conservative” warmongers anticipated a terrorist attack that would justify their “war on terror” post 911,

Bill Gates and his vaccine fan club anticipated a pandemic just about right now.

And here we are in lockdown.


In George Orwell’s dystopian “future”, written in 1930s, there is a global police state dictatorship that uses surveillane and punishment to exert total power over humanity. Many who question vaccine safety may have feared that one day such a regime might seek to impose mandatory vaccination in such a manner, by threats of punishment.

However, in retrospect, the lockdown of 2020 is by far a better means to achieve mandatory vaccination. In lockdown, you are already punished. You can’t go out, you can’t work, you can’t meet your friends, you can’t meet family.

And according to Bill Gates, we can’t have large gatherings “until there is widespread vaccination”.

In other words, take the vaccine, and punishment will be lifted.

This is very clever, as the vaccine becomes the means by which people can get some semblance of their lives back.

But at a terrible cost.


Early history from “Monumental Myths of the Modern Medical Mafia and Mainstream Media and the Multitude of Lying Liars that Manufactured Them” By Ty Bollinger, founder of thetruthaboutvaccines.com

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