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About a month ago the World Health Organisation came out publicly with some already known information…


  1. Processed meats like bacon increase risk of cancer.

2.    Consumption of red meat increases risk of cancer.

Actually, the above is an understatement. But that is what the WHO said.

In fact, all animal products, like meat and dairy increase risk of cancer. And the increased risk is dramatic. The reason is that the human body is not adapted for meat eating. Hence meat eating causes all kinds of diseases, including cancer. The cancer risks are both direct and indirect. By direct I mean bowel cancer, directly where the meat is rotting. And by indirect I mean a host of cancers like breast cancer caused by animal product side effects like

increases in hormone levels,

increases in body acidity

decreases in oxygenation

and other effects that are measured in rises in cancer rates, but where the exact effect is not determined.

I thought, in my innocence, that now would be a great time to discuss how food affects our health, and how we can dramatically reduce rates of cancer, and heart disease, in a short period of time, by simple changes to how we eat.

I personally sent out 50 press releases to radio stations all over Ireland, to get some debate.

I got one interview. Which went really well. It was on Ocean FM in Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal area. Thank you to Ocean FM.

But I was drowned out by a MASSIVE “Damage Control” operation led by our friends in the IFA.

The IFA representatives were on every Radio and TV channel, especially the National ones. It was an impressive Propaganda campaign.

They even got on “Prime Time” on RTE National TV

They even had the Minister for Agriculture in tow.

And the message was… “Nothing to see here. Keep eating our meat”.

But hold on a minute…

It is entirely inappropriate for Food Producers to try to dictate matters of public health. They are a vested interest group.

The proper way for this to proceed is that we, the people, decide what is most healthy for us to eat, and we say to food producers, …. “For the sake of our Health…We would like to eat XYZ. Please produce it”

Instead we have the IFA saying

“We are producing lots of meat and dairy. Keep buying it. Never mind your health”.

As you can see, the IFA have it exactly backwards.

It is the American model, Where nutrition is determined by the US Department of Agriculture, not the department of health.

And Irish Health is going down the drain as a result

1 in 3 will die prematurely of heart disease.

1 in 3 will suffer cancer in their lifetime.

We have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

All of the above diseases could be avoided by adopting a Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant based diet.

But the IFA doesn’t want us to know that.

Then it turns out that the CEO of the IFA is getting €10,000 PER WEEK.

And guess where the IFA gets the cash to pay the CEO €10,000 per week, and not even notice it for a few years??

The cash comes from a “Voluntary Levy” on slaughtered animals.

That’s right. Every time an animal has it’s throat cut un-necessarily, to make food to make us sick, the IFA gets money to pay its CEO €10,000 per week.

And the CEO leads the IFA in damage control campaigns every time animal products are rightly linked to ill health.

As Mark Twain remarked: “It is very difficult to get a man to understand something, if his salary depends on him not understanding it”.

It is Corruption of public health to the worst degree. And we and our children are paying the cost of this corruption. Also, farmers are paying the cost too. The average farmer makes €30,000 per year while the IFA chief raked in €500,000 per year. Farmers are not immune to the disease epidemics caused by animal foods either. They are suffering from Heart Disease, Cancer and Obesity too.

I hope you will join me to call on the IFA to

  1. Get their nose out of public health, and allow us to make up our minds on the healthiest food to eat, free from propaganda by vested interests.
  2. Stop accepting payoffs from meat factories in the form of “voluntary levys”
  3. Do some thing to reverse the damage done to public health by helping farmers to profitably transition from production of Animal Products to production of natural health foods like Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts and Grains.