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The official data and guidance about Covid 19 is completely shambolic:

The death rate is completely unreliable, because anyone who dies with anything like Covid 19 symptoms is being listed as Covid 19 deaths. Add to this the “test” for Covid 19 that is so inaccurate that it shows positive for Papaya fruit and Goats.

At this stage, the only reliable statistic out there is the overall death rate. If we have double or triple the average deaths for April, we can say that there has been a serious disease. But there seems to be no effort being made to get that figure as a matter of urgency.

In the meantime, Covid 19 is being used as a Vaccine marketing operation by Bill Gates and big Pharma. Gates is promoting his vision of a injectible cattle tag for all of us, so that those who are aware of the dangers of vaccination can no longer exercise any right to not participate in the voodoo ritual of injecting mercury, aluminium and a witches brew of toxic chemicals that have never been safety tested.

The Media are beside themselves with joy given all the attention they get right now as the sole source of information. They are more than happy to repeat the non-scientific fear mongering that calls this a deadly plague. While being a mouthpiece for Gates, Vaccine pushers and big tech companies. In fact, they all just repeat the propoganda of Gates, Pharma and big tech companies, often word for word..

And while this is going on, there is really very little happening by way of a deadly plague. Below is the CDC scenarios for Covid 19 fatalities. The symptomatic case fatality rate is very very low. It is a bit worse than flu, perhaps. And that is not taking into account the over-estimation of those who die from Covid 19. Which is why we need the figures for overall death rate for March and April, right away.


Meanwhile, Flu Vaccine does nothing to help, and may be the cause…

54% of Covid 19 deaths in Ireland were in Care homes. That is a population 100% vaccinated with flu vaccine.

Which means flu vaccine did absolutely nothing to help those people, and may in fact have worsened their symptoms. Vaccines have previously caused deadly hypersensitisation to Corona viruses.

Meanwhile, the countries that did not lockdown did as well, or better than, those that did lockdown.

Japan and Sweden did not go to economy destroying lengths of forcing healthy people to stay home. Neither had significantly more deaths than anywhere else. They used common sense. Ireland, the UK and USA followed a bizarre and illogical process of forcing healthy people to be locked up at home, eating takeouts and watching Netflix instead of working. Never before in history has there been mass quarantine for healthy people. And, what kind of quarantine is it where you eat take-out food prepared by someone else in a kitchen other than your own. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

Meanwhile, the economy is ruined.

Ireland’s Economic and Social Research Institute predicts the worse recession in history for Ireland. With unemployment at 17%, a huge budget deficit, and mass business failures. The effects of this alone will cause deaths and deprivations far worse than Covid 19. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/499394-the-covid-19-shutdown-will-cost-americans-millions-of-years-of-life

But despite the disastrous results of the lockdown, the WHO is still calling for extended lockdowns, presumably to keep us in until they are ready to mass vaccinate us. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8355417/WHO-warns-second-peak-areas-COVID-19-declining.html

Meanwhile, we are facing a kind of Social Terrorism

If terrorism is political action by use of terror and fear, then Covid 19 is Terrorism on a Social scale. The media is engaged in fear mongering. We are being programmed to fear other humans, to avoid human contact, which is a need not a luxury. Our children are being raised in pods and social distance circles. All the while our interactions are being turned into a commodity by social media and mass media companies.

All we need now are smartphone full body hazmat suits. Oh, they’re here already…

I hope that info makes this farce a bit easier to understand.

Information is what we need, not patronising slogans like #stay home stay safe, or #we’re all in this together, or worst of all #hold firm

If you agree that we need to see the overall death statistics for March and April, and you live in Ireland, please send an email to minister of health Simon Harris:


Only takes a minute, and it will really help to put some pressure on politicians to release relevant information.