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Early in this year, when “something” was happening in Wuhan, China, a German virologist speculated that the problem may be a Corona virus.

So he took an existing test for a Corona virus, and sent it to Wuhan.

Lo and behold, the patients tested positive.

It was concluded that they had a new type of corona virus. One that was similar enough to the already known corona virus that it would be recognized by the test.

This new virus was dubbed Covid 19.

Covid 19 has not been isolated.

There is no test for Covid 19, there is a test for a corona virus that is thought to be similar to Covid 19.

Furthermore, the test is done in such a way as to be hypersensitive.

The PCR test, as it is called, is an amplification test. Genetic material is amplified in cycles. The more cycles, the more chance that something will be picked up. But by the same principle, the less likely it is that there is a significant “viral load”.

This is important, as, to “have” a viral illness, the virus needs to be in your cells, replicating. You need a very high viral load.

The test for Covid 19 is being run at 40 cycles in Ireland and around the world.

This is an absurd practice. For the test to be relevant, the cycle treshold should be 30 or less.

Above 30 cycles, such small amounts of genetic material can return a “positive” as to be meaningless. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of the positive results in the 40 cycle regime are false positives.

Virologists have stated that it is equivalent to claiming that someone is in a room because you found a strand of their hair with a microsope.

As a result of these facts, we have a pandemic of cases.

It is not an actual pandemic. It is a casedemic.

All that can be said when the newsreader announces another few thousand “cases” of Covid 19, is that

Another few thousand people have been found to have had a coronavirus at some point, either now or in the past.

Notably, it cannot be said that they have Covid 19, as there is no test for it.

They could have had a cold or any number of other corona viruses at some point, which left fragments of genetic material which are picked up by this test.

A positive in this test in no way means that the subject is infected with a disease, or can infect others.

Bear in mind that more and more testing is being done. So if anyone gets a cough, they will be tested, and if they get a positive result, all their contacts can be tested too.

The result is that, the more testing, the more positives will result.

Thus we have a casedemic.

Even with the most sloppy approach to defining deaths from Covid 19 as deaths with Covid 19, there are very few deaths being recorded.

So the Circus is being kept alive by the casedemic.

It really is a case of the king has no clothes.

Covid 19, whatever else it may be, is not a deadly disease. It is not any more severe than flu. It can be deadly to very old and already sick individuals. But so can flu and many other common diseases.

80% of people testing positive under the PCR test are not ill

It is time we wake up to this ruse before our lives are even more ruined by the medico-pharma tyranny that we have allowed to take over.