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  1. Your risk of even getting any symptoms of Covid 19, never mind serious illness or death are minutely small. 99.99% of those under 65 who get Covid 19 recover. Most don’t even get symptoms. The only at risk group is over 75s with more than two serious medical conditions.

  2. There are safe and effective preventive measures, like Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. Plus there are safe treatments, like Hyroxychloroquin.
  3. The vaccines have been rushed out, as if they are the only option. But they are not the only option, see above.
  4. Vaccines in general are a hugely profitable business. The corporations making billions from them systematically overstate their effectiveness, and downplay the risks. We are led to believe that vaccines have eradicated diseases like measles and diptheria, when in fact, mortality from these diseases had fallen to almost zero prior to the introduction of any vaccine for them. This was due to improvements in general health and sanitation.
  5. The Vaccine makers have 100% immunity from any claim for damages caused by the Covid 19 vaccine. They have exactly zero incentive to make a vaccine free from dangers and side effects. The vaccine makers stand to make billions of euros in risk free profits. They have had every incentive to oversell their vaccines, and to downplay the risks.
  6. The Vaccines have been approved on an emergency basis, with very little testing and no oversight.
  7. When you take the vaccine, you are participating in an experiment. You will not be informed of this. But because of the rushed approval, these vaccines are in an experimental stage, and you will be the subject of the experiment.
  8. The mRNA technology used in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, uses genetic engineering to instruct your body to make an alien protein that your immune system will react against. This has never before been done. The side effects are unknown.
  9. Previous attempts to make a vaccine for SARS Cov1 failed. (Covid 19 is SARS Cov2). The reason they failed is that the animals in the animal trial died. The reason the animals died is because of immune over reaction sparked by the vaccine. When the animals were exposed to the Corona virus, their immune system went into a fatal inflammation. There is a strong possibility that this vaccine, using similar technology, will cause a similar outcome. This would result in a huge outbreak of vaccine induced immune reaction to Corona virus.
  10. The vaccines being introduced now have skipped animal trials. See above.
  11. The Pfizer vaccine, using experimental mRNA technology, resulted in 50% adverse reactions in trials on 18-55 year olds. (And that is the group least at risk from Covid 19, with 99.98-99.99% recovery rate from Covid 19).
  12. The Astrazenaca vaccine trial was suspended after 3 severe adverse reactions and 1 death in test subjects. It uses genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus, which is linked to severe inflammatory reactions, and is also a suspected carcinogen.
  13. Also, this vaccine trial did not use a true saline placebo control. Instead a menigitis vaccine was used. This cheat is often used by vaccine makers so that side effects of the vaccine will be masked by similar side effects of the “Control”. The Merck vaccine against HPV, which was given to young girls in Ireland and around the world, was tested against a “control” which was actually the aluminium adjuvant used in the vaccine. As this was the ingredient most likely to cause harm, it made the safety trial worthless. A great many young Irish women have had their lives ruined by that improperly tested vaccine.
  14. Most vaccines are only safety tested for 2-5 days for adverse reactions. In the case of Covid vaccines, there is a liklihood that severe immune over reaction to wild corona virus may occur during the coming year. There is no provision to detect this. In fact, it will most likely be explained away as a new lethal variant requiring even more vaccination.
  15. Government Health agencies do not fund long term studies comparing health outcomes among vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. Such studies have the potential to show conclusive evidence of the risks and benefits of vaccines. It is extraordinary that the vaccine makers and government agencies do everything in their power to prevent such studies. When such studies have been performed, vaccine safety has been called into question due to large increases in illness among those receiving vaccines vs those who did not. Of course, there is no provision for any long term study to compare health outcomes for those receiving the Covid vaccine vs those who do not.
  16. There have been large numbers of severe adverse reactions and deaths occuring in people who have been given these vaccines. The USA has a Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). It is estimated that only about 1% of adverse events are reported, as it is a voluntary system, and doctors are discouraged from using it. However, in the short time since the Covid 19 vaccine has been released, VAERS has recorded 12,697 adverse events after Covid 19 vaccination. This includes 653 deaths, 1382 hospitalisations, and 2792 urgent care events.
  17. We have all been manipulated through fear mongering about Covid 19. Everything has been done to exaggerate the risks of it. Simultaneously everything has been done to downplay the risks of the vaccine. That is deliberately misleading.
  18. You do not owe it to anyone to risk your health by taking the vaccine. “Herd immunity” is a natural phenomenon that occurs when sufficient numbers of people have developed natural immune defence against a disease. Vaccines do not confer Herd immunity. In fact, there is every reason to believe that these vaccines will decrease immunity, and make matters worse by inducing immune over reaction. So, if you want to “take one for the team”, skip the vaccine. You will be taking pressure off the health system as there will be one less candidate for adverse reaction hospitalisation.


Conclusion: Given that most people have extraordinarily low risk from Covid 19, coupled with the already high risk of adverse reactions from the vaccines, there is every reason NOT to take the vaccine. At the very least, delay taking it until more facts emerge about the adverse reactions.




Most of the facts about the Covid 19 vaccines are derived from an excellent presentation by Dr. Liz Mumper and the Children’s Health Defence team.


The statistics from VAERS are derived from openvaers.com




12,697 Reports Through February 5, 2021


653 Deaths


1382 Hospitalisations


2792 Urgent Care


1654 Office Visits


154 Anaphylaxis


145 Bell’s Palsey