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I got good feedback from my hilarious satirical April 1st article.


For the record, I stand over every statement in the piece. It is all based on the facts about Covid 19 and the deceptions around it. The only invention was that the people in question didn’t come out and make those factual admissions. They are still holding fast to the lies.


Later on April 1st I was speaking to my dear mother, who told me that she heard some of the commentariat on RTE (Ireland’s BBC), stating that…

“Of course there were no April fool jokes about Covid 19….. it is just too serious to joke about”.


My reaction was,

“How did Ireland become such a nation of Humourless, Neurotic Hypochondriacs?”


Because it really is the case, at least with the official and mainstream narrative.


Those who see the truth about Covid 19 are the ones who could justifiably be dour and humourless.

After all, they are aware that

1. The covid 19 test is a fraud, never intended to diagnose ANY disease, and 80%+ false positives.

2. The cases are a fabrication, and the deaths are an invention based on the fraudulent test.

3. The simple, cheap and effective treatments for the tiny minority who get symptoms of Covid 19 have been covered up using scientific fraud, to justify the rollout of the vaccine…

4. The vaccine is NOT approved, it is a gene therapy experiment, and a dangerous one at that, with multiple serious and deadly risk factors being hidden from the recipients.


However, despite their knowledge of these facts, those whose eyes are open, are able to keep some humour about themselves. It is perhaps a kind of gallows humour, but it is humour nonetheless.


Those who are ignorant of the facts, on the other hand, tend towards a complete lack of humour about the situation we find ourselves in. They seem more prone to finger pointing, accusations, and anger. Why would that be?


Surely, if their opinions were well founded, they could discuss rationally, and even display some humour about the situation.


The reason for the lack of humour is because of the mindset foisted upon the masses by those manipulating events.

The self appointed elites of this world have long ago realized, that the way to get what you want in a democracy, is to manipulate public opinion. And the most effective way to manipulate public opinion is through fear.


Hence a great many people, those who believe in the likes of RTE, the BBC and other mainstream media, are manipulated into a state of fear.


Fear puts us into a primitive, reactive state of “fight or flight”, that part of our consciousness associated with the reptilian core of our brain. In such a state we are not able to easily access the finer discernment needed to tell lies from truth.


Also, as fear is related to the “flight” instict, anger is related to the “fight” instinct. So it seems that those who are perpetually in a media induced fear sentiment, will never be far from feeling anger towards anything that might be deemed to increase that which is the object of their fears.


Hence, we cannot be surprised when the victims of elite fearmongering become angry at those who try to alert them to that very fearmongering tactic.


It is unfortunate that the fearmongering can become self perpetuating, as the victims lash out at those who try to help them.


And of course, you aren’t going to find any humour in such a situation where people are see-sawing between fear and anger.


I’m not going to end this piece with an immediate solution, because I cannot see one.

Except for this:

Even though we’re not going to talk anyone out of the fear induced emotional state of fight or flight, we can nevertheless use the same tactic as the elite: repetition.


If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it

But the same goes for the truth.


That is why in every recent article you will find four, just four, points, that are easy to remember and repeat:

1. The Covid test is fake. 80%+ false positives

2. The deaths are massively overstated.

3. There are simple, cheap and effective treatments for the minority affected by Covid 19.

4. The vaccine is experimental gene therapy, and dangerous.


Our goal now is to repeat these facts as much as possible.

Frustratingly, we don’t get to see people have an “aha” moment. But every time anyone hears these facts it has its effect. More and more people wake up.


The more people we get to hear this, the more will refuse the experimental and dangerous gene therapy “vaccines”.


The more people refuse the vaccine, the less chance the elites have to enforce their pharma tyranny.


That’s something to smile about.


From our friends at theplatform.ie…. More about risks of taking gene therapy dna vaccines..

25 Peer Reviewed References Stating that DNA Vaccines Have the Potential to Cause Mutations and or Cancer.

Above, an excellent summary from Dr. Vernon Coleman, the most eminent and lucid truth speaker on Covid 19. He has stopped making videos right now, which I hope will be a temporary decision. More at vernoncoleman.org