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To understand the Covid 19 Hoax, we need to understand Germ Thoeory


Germ Theory is the Ideology of disease that we unconsciously work under.

We assume it to be demonstable fact, when in actuality, it is a theory, or Paradigm, or a way of looking at the world.


Germ Theory was developed by Louis Pasteur.

He used a Horticultural analogy to explain his theory.

According to Pasteur, most diseases are contagious, and are the result of specific microorganisms, called “Germs”.

This word is derived from the horticultural term germination, for the sprouting and growing of seeds.

Just as there is a specific seed for each plant type, there is a specific seed or “Germ” for each disease type.

According to Germ Theory, the main business of medicine is to seek out and destroy Germs for all of the myriad of diseases that are listed.

Pasteur developed his theory while making use of the newly developed microscopes. Looking through these powerful magnifiers, he could see masses of microorganisms that we have come to know as bacteria.

As these bacteria were present at disease sites, he concluded that these were examples of germs that had caused the disease in question.


At the same time as Pasteur was active there were two other scientists looking at the same bacteria but who arrived at a completely different conclusion. They were Antoine Beauchamp, and Claude Bernard.

They developed was has become known at “Terrain theory”.

Terrain theory is also an horticultural analogy. Terrain meaning earth or soil.

According to terrain theory, bacteria that we observe are natural and generally beneficial and essential to life itself.

The bacteria are not germs, or seeds, of disease, but organisms with a usually symbiotic relationship to ourselves.

Terrain theory claims that the most important consideration relating to disease, is the condition of the terrain, meaning the condition of the body tissues.

If the body is in a toxic condition, then there can be an overgrowth of bacteria as a response to the unhealthy condition of the body. Terrain theory states that we have all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms in our bodies, and that they can even change their function depending on the health or otherwise of the body tissues, or terrain.


Germ theory proposes that we fight disease, by wiping out germs, while Terrain theory proposes that we make disease unlikely to occur, by improving the vitality and health of our entire body.

Germ theory is the predominant ideology of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Terrain theory is the predominant ideology of altermative medicine.


The two methodologies are in many ways opposed to one another. For instance, Natural Hygiene, an alternative health science, has terrain theory at its core. It declares that disease is the result of deficiency and/or toxicity. This, of course, makes a lot of sense. If our body is deficient and/or toxic, how can it make healthy tissue. And is not disease an inevitable result?


In contrast. The Germ Theory approach more often than not results in deficiency and toxicity. Indeed, as followers of Germ Theory believe that germs need to be wiped out in order to prevent and cure disease, most medicines are, in fact, toxic poisons.

This does not mean that they cannot have a desired effect. They are formulated to kill certain organisms, and are effective at doing so. But the result is increased toxicity in the body. Hence future problems are created.


Responsibility and Power.

With Germ Theory, responsibility for disease lies outside of our control. Germs are responsible. Not us. Giving up responsibility is an alluring charm. It puts us in an almost childlike state. Especially when the power to protect us from disease is taken by the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Once we give up responsibilty, we cannot have power. The two go together.

With the advent of Germ Theory, we give up our power. The medics now have that power of life and death, while we live in an ignorant, dependant state of mind.

The medics have become like high-priests of the religion of Germ Theory.


With Terrain theory, we must take responsibility for our overall health. This heavy responsibility comes with the welcome effect of restoring our power to us. Responsibility and power go together.

We are compelled to reconsider our daily habits in the light of deficiency and toxicity. We have to look at everything we put into our bodies from this perspective. We quickly discover that many of the foods promoted to us are deficient in nutrients, and promote toxicity. We find the same for medicines.


It should be noted that Germ theory is the best fit for the pharmaceutical industry. If disease is the result of germs, then there is a good business to be made from killing germs.


End destination

The conclusion of mass adherence to Germ Theory is Covid 19.

We have the assumption that the disease is caused by a deadly germ.

We have the unfounded belief that the germ is deadly to everyone.

We have the faith in the priesthood of medics and the magic of pharmaceuticals.

We have abdication of personal responsibility by the mass of the population.

We have religious belief in the safety and efficacy of the vaccines promoted to save us.


Could Terrain Theory Save the day?

Perhaps the failure of lockdowns and vaccinations will prove to be a turning point, where we begin the journey to an enlightened approach to health.

Already, the effective treatment for the relatively few serious cases of covid 19 have proven to follow the deficiency/toxicity model. Front line doctors discovered protocols as far back as march of 2020, that were extremely effective. These protocols include the use of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.


It is reasonable to assume that we could have long ago put this rebranded flu outbreak behind us if we focused our attention on proper nutrition and boosted our intake of the above nutrients.


Instead, we have allowed the pharmaceutical industry to create an injection that is loaded with toxins, and which causes our bodies to become a factory of harmful spike proteins. We already see many cases of immediate adverse reactions to the toxic ingredients. We are only gradually seeing the longer term adverse reactions caused by the toxic spike proteins.