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The Chief Justice of Ireland is reported to be meeting with one of the Supreme Court members to chastise him for attending a golf society celebration that turned out to be in breach of Government guidelines for Covid 19.

There is also reports that the top Judges are rebuking Lawyers for not adhering strictly to various Covid 19 guidelines while meeting clients.

In other news,

The majority of our Constitutionally recognised natural rights are being flouted and disregarded on a daily basis by a State sponsored Medico-Pharmaceutical Tyranny, which is based on deliberately misleading the public.

Should this not be a matter to be discussed by our Courts?

Firstly, a summary of how the public is being misled and outright lied to:

  1. Covid 19 virus has not been isolated. It exists in theory only.
  2. The “Covid 19” test is a Corona virus test. Due to the fact that Covid has not been isolated, there is not, and cannot be a Covid 19 test.
  3. The fake “Covid 19” test is deliberately oversensitised at 40 cycles, and results in 80% false positives. It detects tiny fragments of genetic material in healthy people who may have been exposed to a corona virus at some point, but who are neither sick nor infectious.
  4. The fake overstated Case numbers are being used to induce fear of the “casedemic”
  5. The deaths FROM Covid 19 are falsely inflated to include deaths WITH Covid 19. ie, anyone who dies, and who tested positive with the fake, over-sensitised “Covid 19” test during previous 28 days, is recorded as a Covid 19 death. Regardless of actual cause of death.
  6. Excess mortality figures are being hidden from view. The only accurate measure of the severity of “Covid 19” is the excess mortality in 2020 compared to same periods in 2019. This figure should be made public and is not. The excess mortality is consistent with a bad flu season, not a pandemic.
  7. State agencies are making large payments to media outlets in return for their co-operation in fear mongering. (Advertising purchases, and also payments from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for Covid 19 propaganda operations).

Here is a summary of important rights that are being denied to us.

  1. The right to free movement: Denied via Garda checkpoints, 5km, 10km, County travel limits
  2. The right to bodily autonomy: Denied via dictates to wear masks in order to travel or purchase food.
  3. The primacy of the family: Family members denied to the right to even meet with their elderly relatives. Wider family meetings are being banned.
  4. The sanctity of the home from State invasion: Dictates on how many people may visit.
  5. The right to earn a livlihood: Multiple industries, from travel, hospitality to retail and a myriad of services are being destroyed recklessly.
  6. Freedom of association: Covid 19 dictates are being used to ban meetings, especially those questioning the lockdowns. And in an everyday way, we are all being denied the simple human activity of interacting with other humans. We are being manipulated to fear the very human interactions that are vitally important to our wellbeing.
  7. Freedom of speech: Not only through banning meetings, but all avenues of expression are closed to those wishing to question the Covid 19 hysteria. The media have literally been bought by State agencies and private billionaire funders of fear mongering (The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation poured hundreds of millions of dollars into media organisations just prior to the Covid event).

Covid 19 is NOT a pandemic. It does not remotely reach any reasonable definition of such.

Covid 19 is a carefully curated mass hysteria event.

One of the many destructive effects is the effective denial of our fundamental natural rights, as recognized in our Constitution.

It is the duty of every citizen to vindicate those rights.

But that duty is especially on the members of the judiciary.

The Judiciary need to worry less about joining the hysterical calls for enforcement of regulations based on false pretenses, and instead wake up engage their well trained minds in scrutinising the false claims of the fear peddling Medico-Pharmaceutical racketeers.