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Let’s be clear about the facts of the Covid 19 drama:

1. The pandemic is a hoax. There is no pandemic. The official figure in the republic of Ireland is around 1800 deaths “with” covid 19. This is an absurd figure, as it includes anyone who died, and was thought to have covid 19. Very very few people have actually died OF covid 19. This can be seen by the fact that the average age of those thought to have died with covid 19 was 82. These people all had other serious health conditions.

Covid 19 does not kill healthy people. Covid 19 has killed very very few people. That is not a pandemic in any sense of the word.

2. Covid 19 is not a deadly disease. The mantra of covid being deadly was developed early on. This was because there was little or no testing. Hence there were few “cases”. As a result, it seemed like there could be a high mortality rate. Figures of 4% to 10% mortality were bandied about, and the mantra of “deadly covid 19” became established. Ironically, the large number of cases now reported gives the lie to the claim that the disease is deadly. Ie, there are so many cases being reported now, and so few deaths, (even with the exaggerated classification of deaths), that the mortality from Covid 19 is tiny.

3. The testing for Covid 19 in Ireland is resulting in provably 80% false positives. The PCR test being used is wildly inaccurate at over 30 cycles. But Ireland is testing at 40-45 cycles. I have this in writing from the HSE. In their letter they also admit that the “positive” result is effectively meaningless. The test is picking up tiny fragments of genetic material that mean nothing. Bear in mind that it is the epidemic of 80% false positive “cases” that is the basis of all of our lockdowns. This means that the lockdowns being foisted on the population are entirely without basis. The NPHET and other so called experts are basing their figures on a provably inaccurate test. And bear in mind, there are so many “cases”, why so few deaths? It is either a deadly disease or it is not. The fact is, the vast majority of the cases are a result of testing, not a result of disease.

4. Covid 19 is a vaccine marketing operation. Bill Gates, is the front man for, -and a major investor in- the vaccine industry. From the very start, he has stated that lockdowns will have to continue “until we get a really great vaccine”. This is going to be the greatest coup in history for big pharma. They are about to scoop up billions of euros, for a product that they don’t have to test in any meaningful way, and with complete indemnity for their actions. And by the way, the big four vaccine producing corporations are all convicted felons in the USA. They have had to pay out over eight billion dollars between them in cases where they knowingly sold profitable but deadly medicines. They have not paid out anything for vaccine damage because they get indemnity in the USA, and Ireland follows suit. Like a bunch of stupid Paddies who care more about looking good than about the health of our own children.

5. Vaccines are not proven safe or effective. Contrary to government sponsored propaganda currently running to reassure parents that the flu vaccine is “safe and effective”, no vaccine can be said to be safe. This is because vaccines are not tested in any meaningful way. The gold standard in medicine testing is the double blind placebo control study. This standard is NOT applied to vaccines. They are tested in the most absurd ways, usually against their most toxic ingredients. The results are predictably tragic: Just yesterday we had in Ireland the first of many cases compensating a young man maimed by the swine flu vaccine. “Safe and Effective” is pharmaceutical marketing hype, not science. In the absense of proper testing, vaccination remains a profitable business, not a science.

6. The “Experts” are bought and paid for by the vaccine corporations. Big Pharma has long ago taken control of the medical establishment. This is especially the case with organisations like the World Health Organisation, CDC (Centre for Disease Control). Through these bodies big pharma has been able to use this fake pandemic to manipulate public opinion through fear mongering. They have used the “expert” organisations under their control to dictate a pharam tyranny via government policy. (Some prominent examples: Neil Ferguson, the UK “expert” who was the author of alarmist “computer models” that predicted 200,000 deaths in the UK, resigned in disgrace after he blatently disregarded the lockdown he forced on others. Anthony Fauci, Covid Czar of the USA is a major vaccine investor, with a lot to gain personally from a covid vaccine. The chief of vaccine safety at the CDC faked a vaccine safety study, then left to become head of Vaccine department at the pharma corporation under investigation. She became a millionaire overnight.)

So there we have it, a hoax pandemic, of a non deadly disease, with falsly reported deaths, 8 out of ten false positives for a non-existent casedemic. All to line the pockets of mega corporations via sales of an untested vaccine.

And what are Irish lawmakers doing about it?

Ireland’s parliament has become a cheerleader team for a pharmaceutical tyranny. Rather than representing the citizenry, and promoting debate to question the actions of government, there is a race to the intellectual bottom. Members of Dáil Éireann are engaged in goading one another into extremes of “being seen to do the right thing”, rather than meaningful and thoughtful actions.

Our economy is being ruined. Livlihoods destroyed. And our health permanently affected by untested vaccines produced by convicted criminal corporations.

Meanwhile our lawmakers are doing worse than sitting on their hands, they are competing with one another to be more strident in their support for this unscientific and fake fear mongering marketing campaign.