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Its good to know that the food we eat can have a positive effect on our immunity to viruses. Also, the right foods helps us to stay in the healthier segment of the population who see little or no symptoms even after contracting Covid-19.

Unfortunately, the sales of junk foods have skyrocketed during this lockdown. That is not a good thing at all!

Eat plenty of the following foods to boost your entire health during this time..

I include tips on how to consume these foods in a “close to natural” state…

Onions and garlic: Have antibacterial and antiviral properties. (a little raw garlic shredded finely can be added to your salad or main meal)

Ginger: Contains lots of vitamin C. It also has anti-inflamatory properties. (peel the ginger root, and shred finely. Add to salad or main meal, sprinkle over fruit salad. Can also be infused in boiling water for a refreshing tea with added lemon and honey. One thumb sized piece is a good amount to use. BTW, if you know which supermarket has ginger, please let me know!).

All fruit: Especially citrus fruit, and blueberries. The vitamin C alone stimulates production of white blood cells.

Spinach and other Green leafy vegetables: Contain Vitamin C and A.  Excellent for healthy immunity. (Spinach is also nice raw in your salad. Wash well. If cooking, just a few minutes of steaming is enough).

Turmeric: Excellent anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory properties. Already known to be a powerful aid in the fight against colds and flu. (root is best, treat like ginger. Wear gloves or enjoy getting your hands all orange. And your lovely white shirt haha. If you cannot get fresh turmeric root, use the powder).

Almonds: High levels of vitamin E which is necessary for good immunity. (Soak overnight for healthy plump re-hydrated almonds. If you are up for it, you can removed the skins as follows: Boil a pot of water. Put the soaked almonds in for  10 seconds only! Pour the almonds through a strainer in the sink, and immediately immerse in cold water. This loosens the skin without cooking the almonds. The skin will now slide off when you squeeze the almond. Please note, when you squeeze, some almonds will be projected across the kitchen and startle your cat/dog/husband/wife/children. But that’s all part of the fun.)

Sunflower seeds and Pumpkin seeds: High levels of vitamin E. (Sunflower seeds can be soaked overnight, but some people prefer them unsoaked. Best not to soak pumpkin seeds.)