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Here is my message to Deputy Simon Harris, former minister for health.

Dear Deputy Harris

Despite your failure to acknowledge my call for death rate figures to be released,

Today HIQA has exposed the dramatic over statement of Covid 19 deaths.

Our government is destroying our livlihoods for no good reason.

I demand a debate in Dail Eireann based on facts not hysteria.

I am disgusted by the lack of anyone in Dail Eireann calling government and the so called experts to account over their emotion driven and childish destruction of our society.

This needs to be debated in Dail Eireann NOW.

My full statement below, with FACTS

Finally someone in authority starts to speak the truth about Covid 19. Ireland’s Health Information and Quality Authority has just stated that Ireland’s 1700 death toll from Covid 19 is likely overestimated by 500. They reached this conclusion by comparing total deaths for the period year on year. Ireland’s death rate is only higher by 1200, not 1700. At 1700 extra deaths it was comparable to the 2018 flu season. Now it is less than 2018 flu season.
This process can easily be repeated for every country in the world. That will expose the wildly exaggerated death toll from this fake pandemic. This is a flu season plus mass hysteria. And for this we are utterly destroying our livlihoods. The central bank in Ireland just predicted 14% drop in GDP and 17% unemployment. Does anyone out there realize that we are destroying our livlihoods for a fake hysterical panic. THis only serves as a means to push vaccination. And by the way, after profiting from poisoning us, the vaccine pushers will take credit for defeating the nonexistent pandemic.
I’ve been making this point on my blog for months. I was right all along.
Now we all have a responsibility to stop the hysterical and self destructive actions of Ministers and their so called experts who don’t even do basic science.

Regards Cathal Spelman

On 28/05/2020 09:22, Cathal Spelman wrote:

Dear Minister Harris

I call on you to urgently release the figures for overall deaths in March and April.

The death rate is completely unreliable, because anyone who dies with anything like Covid 19 symptoms is being listed as Covid 19 deaths. Add to this the “test” for Covid 19 that is so inaccurate that it shows positive for Papaya fruit and Goats.

At this stage, the only reliable statistic out there is the overall death rate. If we have double or triple the average deaths for April, we can say that there has been a serious disease. But there seems to be no effort being made to get that figure as a matter of urgency.

Please make those figures publically available immediately.

Cathal Spelman.

Naas, Co. Kildare.