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1. The PCR test for Covid 19 is wildly inaccurate and overstates the number of cases.

Everyone in the field agrees that magnifying the sample above 35 cycles renders the test meaningless. Yet in Ireland and around the world it is run at 45 cycles.

That means large numbers of deaths are mis classified as Covid 19. It also means that there is a Casedemic, large numbers of apparent cases,which are used to justify further lockdowns.


2. The mortality from Covid 19 has been systematically overstated.

Total deaths from Covid 19 have been exaggerated by classifying every death WITH Covid 19 as death OF Covid 19. So if anyone tested positive from the inaccurate test, and died within 28 days it was recorded as a Covid 19 death. As a result, we have large numbers reported to have died with Covid 19, yet the total number of deaths is not higher than a bad flu season. 


3. There is effective treatment for Covid 19, and this has been covered up to justify the dangerous vaccine roll out.

Hydroxychloroquine, plus vitamin D, C and Zinc have proven very effective. However, the Emergency Use Authorisation for the improperly tested, experimental vaccines, depends on there being no effective treatement. So HCQ, and other effective treatments, have been discredited using deliberately falsified data. Which means that elderly patients, were allowed to die for want of this simple, low cost, effective treatment regime. And while denying them effective treatment, the WHO used our affection for the elderly to justify lockdowns and rollout of dangerous vaccines.


4. The Vaccines are very dangerous.

The vaccines have been rushed out. They have not been sufficiently tested.

They use a genetic engineering process to instuct your body to produce a protein that your immune system will react to. This has never been done before.

When it was previously attempted, all the animals in the trials died from immune over-reaction. And now the animal trials have been skipped.

There is no proper montioring of adverse reactions: But already there are thousands recorded.

These are real people getting very ill, and dying in some cases.


Ironically, if you test positive using the inaccurate PCR test, and you die within 28 days, it is recorded as Covid 19 death.

Yet if you get the vaccine and die within 48 hours, it is explained away.