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I was not going to enter the debate on vaccination on this website, staying focused on lifestyle issues, mostly food.

However, the Covid 19 lockdown has changed everything.

Today on Joe Duffy’s afternoon radio talk show on RTE Irish radio, he said the following:

1. He stated that vaccination will become mandatory, giving measles vaccine as an example.

2. He said that The real enemy is no longer armies, but rather people who spread disease, either unwittingly, or out of choice, by refusing to be vaccinated.

Given these points, some counter points need to be made.

The language used in those statements is not just alarmist, it is inflammatory. It is casting those who object to vaccination as a dangerous enemy, and a greater threat than an army. There can be no limit to the actions that can be taken against such a threat.

However, this promotion of mandatory vaccination is hysteria, not science.

There are many things that can be pointed out about vaccination. I will list some below.

But first and foremost, the challenge to promoters of vaccination is the following: Do some science.

All questions about vaccination can be solved with a simple and low cost scientific study. Bear in mind that the essence of science is to measure the results of any proposed action. So in this case:

Take a large sample group of a few thousand newborns. Seperate them into those vaccinated and those not vaccinated. (THere are still enough children whose parents do not vaccinate to do this). Then follow them over a 5 year period, and measure their health outcomes.

Check for mortality and disease. If the promoters of vaccination are correct, this will vindicate them. The vaccinated children should be healthier, with lower death rate, and fewer illnesses. Of course they should have no more incidence of autism, allergies and other immune diseases.

This simple study could silence the vaccine detractors forever.

But it has never been done. The science has never been done.

Please think about that.

At least, the science has never been done in a developed country. Such a study was carried out in an African country. And guess what. The health outcomes in the vaccinated children were worse, not better, than those who were not vaccinated. And that goes as far as increased mortality.

Until such time as a proper scientific study of the health effects of vaccination is carried out, nobody can call vaccination scientific. Nobody can say that the benefits outweigh the risks when neither the benefits nor the risks have even been measured.