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There has been a deliberate series of deceptions carried out over the last 16 months.



1. Calling the outbreak a pandemic was a deception, as the WHO changed the definition in order to make the declaration.

2. Covid 19 was sold as a deadly disease. In fact, for the majority of people, it is a mild flu like disease. The recovery rate for those under 60 is 99.9%. For children, dying of covid 19 is as likely as being struck by lightening, a one in a million chance.

3. From the very start, Bill Gates and others were on TV stating that there can be no return to normal life until “we have a great vaccine”. This was the intention from the start. Lockdown was used as a punishment to make us beg for the vaccine.

4. In order to increase fear, and demand for the vaccine, case numbers were deliberately overstated. This was achieved by misuse of the PCR test. The inventor of the PCR test stated it does not indicate if a person is sick or not, or has a disease or not. Anthony Fauci, prior to Covid 19, stated that a PCR test run at more than 34 cycles gives meaningless results. Regardless, in Ireland and around the world the PCR test was run at 45 cycles. This resulted in a “Casedemic”, especially in the summer of 2020, when the small number of people with severe symptoms had dwindled to insignificance. The Casedemic kept the lockdowns possible over the summer of 2020.

4a. Deaths were similarly overstated. If anyone tested positive on the deliberately inaccurate PCR test, and died within 60 days, FOR ANY REASON, they were recorded as having died “with” covid 19. THis was interpreted by the gullible public as being the total dying OF covid 19. THey are two very different things. Consequently, the majority of the covid 19 “death toll” is made up of people who had a positive PCR test, and then died from something unrelated. And the few who died from Covid symptoms, didn’t have to die at all, see the next section. This is also confirmed by the fact that in Ireland and around the world, total deaths did not rise to any significant degree.

5. For the very few people affected by lung inflammation, doctors on the front line quickly discovered effective treatments, including vitamin C, D, zinc, and certain long established drug treatments. However, rather than embrace these effective treatments, the pharmaceutical cartel insured that they were effectively banned. For the small numbers of elderly patients with other conditions who suffered severe symptoms, this was a death sentence. Despite the existence of effective treatments, they were put on ventilators and left to die. Alone.

6. For those who think that the banning of effective treatments was some kind of mistake, let me disabuse you of that delusion. The banning of effective treatments was a necessary policy. The covid jab is not approved. It is released under “Emergency Use Authorisation”. This means that an experimental and unproven treatment can be given Emergency Use Authorisation under certain specific circumstances, namely:

There is a deadly disease, for which

there is no effective treatment.

So, if the pharmaceutical cartel had allowed it to be admitted that doctors had found effective treatments for Covid 19, there would have been no justification for Emergency Use Authorisation.

There would have been no vaccine roll-out.

Instead, we would have got back to living our lives. The vast majority, 99%, would have little or no symptoms of covid 19. And for the few who suffered severe symptoms, they would have got timely and effective treatment.

Instead, we all languished in lockdowns, and the elderly were left to die.

7. Vaccine Plague of Co-incidences.

Since the release of the covid “vaccines”, there have been 6,136 covid vaccine related deaths reported on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reoprting System (VAERS) in the USA. This is an extraordinary number for a few reasons.

Firstly, VAERS is known to only show around 1% of adverse events, due to under reporting.

Secondly, VAERS recorded 15,614 vaccine related deaths over its entire existence, since the 1980s. In other words, since January 2021, covid vaccines have resulted in 40% of all vaccine related deaths reported on VAERS over its 40 year history.

There were also 21,806 hospitalisations recorded linked to covid vaccines.

These hospitalisations and deaths have resulted from Heart inflammation, Blood clotting, facial paralysis, body paralysis, blindness, speech difficulty, and on and on.

Yet the media tells us that there are a few rare cases of side effects.

And these are just the cases that are reported. In most cases doctors are telling patients that their adverse events are co-incidences.

With so many adverse events on record, we are clearly having a plague of co-incidences.

One example of this is the four British Airways pilots who died over a two week period after they all got vaccinated.

Bear in mind, pilots are specifically screened medically so that they are not walking around ready to drop dead, for obvious reasons. The medical screening is intended to pick up heart and other issues before they could become a risk of sudden death. So, for one pilot who flies large jets to die, is an unusal event. But four in two weeks, directly after vaccination? That can only be a co-incidence.

8. It is clear from the Adverse events being reported, that any increase in deaths that we will see over the coming months will be among the vaccinated. However, just as there was no scientific recording of the actual death rate during 2020, there will be a cover up of vaccine deaths. For the record, it is very simple to show the effects of the vaccine. You take all the people who got the vaccine, and you count how many die. Then you take all the people who did not get the vaccine, and you count how many die. There is your answer.

But the pharma cartel will avoid this simple science.

Instead we will be told stories about new variants, and how children and the unvaccinated are spreading the new variants.


Covid 19 has from the start been based on unscientific fear mongering


This has been swallowed whole by a naieve and ignorant population who have given their minds over to manipulated media.


It is time to wake up.