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Lie 2. Covid 19 just appeared and caught everyone off guard.


Fact: Due to miraculous foresight, Bill Gates and his foundation ran simulations of exactly the Covid19 scenario in late 2019.

In Autumn 2019 the Bill Gates foundation partnered with John Hopkins University to run a simulation of a Corona virus pandemic. Not just any pandemic, a corona virus pandemic.

What a co-incidence.

As a result, when the pandemic kicked off in January-February, there was a pre-written playbook.

All of the major players came out singing from the same hymn sheet.


From the WHO, to Gates, to Governments, they all said the same things, and even used the same language. Remember “New Normal”.


The strategy was the same all over the Western World: Lockdown, Close businesses, Close schools.

Effectively outlaw basic rights like freedom of movement, and freedom of association.


A Hellish world was created, of mass house arrest.


And Bill Gates was clear from the start: These restrictions had to stay in place “…until we get a great vaccine”.


It was a brilliant lie, and a brilliant strategy.


If they had said, “Take these vaccines, or we will lock you up”, there would have been mass resistance.


Instead, they have “pre-punished” us all. In effect they are saying:

“We have locked you up, now take this vaccine to get free”.


As a result of this strategy, we have been led to see the vaccine as some kind of saving grace.


You’ve got to hand it to them. As manipulations go, it is very clever. The video below is footage of the “Event 201” simulation in 2019. You can hear them planning all the measures taken in 2020.



Lie 3: Covid 19 is a deadly disease.


Fact: Even though Covid 19 has all the hallmarks of a lab created “Gain of Function” Frankenstein virus, it is not a deadly disease and does not qualify as a pandemic.


Due to the 100% inaccurate “flip a coin” PCR test almost anyone can test positive for Covid 19.

Allied to that is the insane practice of categorising all manner of deaths as Covid 19.


In fact, for most of 2020, in the USA and Europe, the policy has been that if anyone dies within 28 days of a positive Covid 19 test, they are recorded as a Covid 19 death.


This allows the “Public Health Authorities” to rack up huge numbers of people who “Died with Covid 19”. Not the language carefully, they are covering themselves. Listen to the news announcements, it is Died WITH Covid 19. Of course, the average news consumer is driven demented with Hysteria because they think this means that Hundreds of Thousands or millions of people are dying OF Covid 19


In the face of this blatent lying about the numbers dying, the only numbers we can trust are the total deaths.


If there really is a new deadly disease, and it is spreading in a Pandemic, and if it really is causing over a million deaths worldwide, then we should see a lot of extra deaths year on year in every affected country.


But we don’t see that.

In fact, in the USA, there were 200,000 deaths attributed to Covid 19. But an analysis of total deaths showed NO extra deaths compared to 2019.

In looking for the 200,000 deaths, the researchers found that the 200,000 was made up of a dramatic decrease in deaths from Heart attack and other causes.


In other words, the death toll from Covid 19 is made up of people who died of other causes and had their death attributed to Covid 19.


We are being asked to accept the baseless claim that Covid 19 has killed a lot of people. While at the same time it seems to have cured Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Flu and Pneumonia.


In Ireland the situation is just as bad. The usual spike in January Hospitalisations associated with flu season is now blamed on Covid 19. And at the same time we are being told there is now no Flu!


This Clown show is just a pack of lies upon lies.