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When Covid-19 first became an issue in March, we were told that we should have a lockdown in order to “flatten the curve” and avoid overwhelming the health system.

Now we are being told by some that gatherings like we knew them up to Covid-19 “may not resume until broad vaccination has taken place..”

There are also serious suggestions that there should be immunity passports for those who have taken the vaccine, implying travel and perhaps work restrictions against those who refuse the vaccines.

There have even been calls for mandatory vaccinations.

It is a well known principle of Machiavellian politics that “no crisis should go unexploited”. It seems that those who believe in the benefits of vaccination wish to use this crisis to push for universal vaccinations.

This is based on the assumption that vaccines are safe and effective. This assumption has been promoted aggressively in the last ten years, through media and government health agencies. 2010-2020 was dubbed the “decade of vaccination” by Bill Gates and his vaccine promoting associates.


A large part of this push was necessitated by the fact that in the early 2000s a researcher in Gastro-Enterology called Andrew Wakefield published a research study that showed a link between age of administration of MMR vaccine, and onset of autism. His findings were really quite mild, in that he only called for MMR vaccine to be administered after 3 years of age, and that it should be in three seperate doses, rather than one combined shot.

This became a huge story worldwide, and parents reacted by avoiding the MMR shot altogether, or delaying its administration, or demanding seperate shots for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

History of Autism

Before I share what happened next, I’d like to quickly note the historical context of Autism.

Back in the 1930s and prior to that time, Autism was unknown, and so rare as to be practically non-existent. It was measured at about 1 case in 50,000 children. By the 1980s that had risen to 1 case per 500, then to 1 case per 250 children. As of today, Autism affects 1 in 50 children in the USA. At this rate of growth Autism will affect 1 in two children in the USA by 2032, with 80% of boys affected. And in case you think it doesn’t affect us in Ireland, think again, because Autism rates are rising worldwide. Ireland’s rate is 1 case per 100 children.


Back to Andrew Wakefield and the link between Autism and MMR vaccine.

There was such an uproar about this finding, that something had to be done. In stepped the CDC. The Centre for Disease Control. This is the organisation in the USA that dictates huge amounts of public health policy, including the Vaccine Schedule for children. It has huge resources including its own research scientists, and it is meant to give independent advice to government on how best to deal with all matters about disease. The CDC is mirrored in the EU by the ECDC. Both of these organisations have a huge role to play in our government policies around Covid-19.

So the CDC said, “we will do a study to see if Wakefield is right or not”

And off they went.

The study was expected to take six months

More than two years later, the CDC finally presented a report to the “Institute of Medicine” at the National Academy of Sciences.

Their conclusion: Nothing to see here. There is no link between age of child at administration of MMR vaccine and autism. This Institute of Medicine accepted this finding, and concluded that there is no link at all between MMR vaccine and autism, and that no further research in this matter is warranted.

It is on the basis of this outcome that you have been told repeatedly over the last ten years that

“There is no link between vaccination and autism”, and

“Wakefield’s study has been discredited”, and

“people who refuse to vaccinate are the enemy”.


There is one big problem with that story.

The CDC lied.

And we know the CDC lied because of one scientist with a conscience, a man called William Thompson, pHD.

Thompson contacted an associate of Andrew Wakefield, and became a whistleblower.

In short, this is what he revealed:

The CDC did a very restricted study, just examining if there was any link between age of administration of MMR vaccine, and risk of autism.

They found that, comparing children given MMR vaccine before age of two (ie the recommended vaccine schedule in the USA, and also now in Ireland) vs after age of three, they found…

up to 7 times the risk of developing autism.

This was a shocking result, because they didn’t even compare vaccinated vs unvaccinated, it was all vaccinated children, just a difference of age. And that alone produced a 700% difference.

The reason that the CDC took so long to present their findings, as revealed by Willaim Thompson, is that they spent two years trying to adjust the data to get a different outcome. They changed the number of children in the study, they changed the age ranges. And finally, when none of that quite worked, they brought in a shredder and destroyed data.

However, Thompson’s conscience stepped in, he contacted those who would share the information, and he made the original data available. And he is the only reason that you are reading about this now.

This means that the CDC found a 700% increase in risk of autism just by taking the MMR vaccine prior to 2 years vs after 3 years. They have NEVER done a study on autism in vaccinated vs unvaccinated children by the way.

This is the same CDC that is presented as the authority on vaccination and disease, that recommends the vaccine schedule for children. Including MMR vaccine at 18 months to 2 years.

All of the information I have presented here can be found the the movie made as a result of the revealations of William Thompson. You can find it at vaxxedthemovie.com

Click here to got to vaxxedthemovie.com

The CDC is the institution that provides the data to the “experts” who come on TV to assure you that vaccines are safe and effective. They are the ones that Bill Gates relies on when he claims Andrew Wakefield’s findings are not valid.

There are hundreds of thousands of children who have been condemned to a life suffering Autism, and most of them could have been saved from that if the CDC had not committed fraud over their findings.

If anything could be worse than that, we have the vaccine industry and their useful idiots in government now trying to use Covid-19 and an irrational lockdown to force even more vaccinations on us.

To understand why, we just need to look at the money in all of this.

A Short History of the Profitibility of Vaccines…

During the 1980s the vaccine industry threatened to halt all vaccine production unless they got indemnity against claims.

This they duly got in the USA, and Ireland and other countries have generallly followed this line of action.

As a result, vaccines, contrary to our assumption, are not treated as other pharmaceutical drugs:

1. The makers cannot be sued for damages, and

2. They are NOT safety tested in any real sense.

The gold standard for safety testing is a double blind placebo trial. That means that there are two groups. One gets the drug, the other gets a placebo, a completely harmless and inactive substance. Neither doctors nor patients know who is in each group. Astonishingly, this is never done for so-called “vaccine trials”. They never use a harmless placebo. In the trials for Gardasil, the vaccine supposed to prevent cervical cancer, the “control” group got injected with Aluminium, one of the ingredients suspected of causing much of the damage done by vaccines.

In the USA, claims for vaccine damages end up at a special court, nicknamed the vaccine court. It has paid out billions of dollars of taxpayers money to date.

This leaves the vaccine manufacturers with the perfect product: It has high profit margins, is (almost) compulsory, and they cannot be sued for any damages caused.

However, some parents went to vaccine court to sue about their children being made autistic by vaccines. The expected award would be in the millions of dollars, up to $5,000,000 per case. However, the CDC fraud was used to throw out those cases, and bar any further claims.

The reason for this hardline approach is obvious. Once the link between vaccines and autism is admitted, every parent of every autistic child will come for their five million dollars. And frankly, they deserve it. But the maths are problematic for government and big pharma. If 100,000 children are diagnosed with autism, that translates to 500 billion dollars due in compensation.

Obviously that is a powerful incentive to deny the truth.

Vaccine companies are hiding behind indemnity laws, making huge profits,

Government agencies like the CDC are falsifying data and lying to the people they should serve.

And now these same people are coming out to tell us that the only way we can go back to living as normal after Covid-19 is to accept more vaccination.

As Vaxxed the movie concludes, we need to

Repeal vaccine indemnity laws

Classify vaccines as pharmaceutical drugs, and test them accordingly.

I would add that we need to do immediate “retrospective” studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children to get some sense of the damage that has been done, and to avoid further damage.

After we have done some basic accounting as above, we can finally talk about whether vaccines are safe in any circumstances.

Promoting vaccines as a solution to Covid-19 is simply providing cover for a vaccine industry that is terrified of the truth.