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What caused 35,000 excess DEATHS in the UK and Ireland in January and February 2021?

Tom Prendeville


In early January the death rate in Ireland went through the roof. Officially the deaths are being attributed to Covid-19. However, what if public health officials are wrong? 

In Ireland the online funeral platform RIP.IE lists 98% of the

country’s funerals, making it possible to get accurate up to date data within days. In January the death rate increased by an alarming 30% percent; a trend that was still quite high throughout the month of February. The five year average for deaths in Ireland in January is 3204 people, yet this year- in the region of 4,100 died.


During the winter months of 2020 there was no excess mortality in Ireland, a pattern which continued up until January 7th. From that point onwards, the death rate suddenly increased by 15%; by the end of the next week it increased to 40%. By week four, the death rates were hovering at around 50% above normal. In total, about 900 additional people died; half of them nursing home residents.


There was no flu in Ireland in January or February 2021 or anywhere else in the world, or so we are led to believe, and the weather was pretty much normal for the time of year. The only new publicized, out of the ordinary addition to the mix was the UK Covid variant -one of many-and an experimental Covid vaccine which was rolled out in Ireland in January, and Britain several weeks earlier. 

The Irish Times headline on January 29th seemed to suggest that there was nothing out of the ordinary happening in the country:

Covid-19: Majority of fatalities had underlying conditions

 On January 30th in the Irish Independent, the country’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan said:

“We have experienced over 1,000 deaths and more than 100,000 cases (Covid) in January. This shows just how quickly this disease can spread and how much it can impact public health.”

In other words, there were a lot of deaths because there were a lot of Covid cases. If that hypothesis is correct, there should have been a huge drop in the number of deaths as case numbers plummeted in February. That did not happen.

Between February 1st / 28th the number of new daily Covid cases for the month dropped to just under 25,000 cases as opposed to 100,000 the previous month. Yet- there were 707 deaths attributed to Covid in February. Statistically there should have been about 250 fatalities-not 707. 

A newspaper report in the Irish Times on March 12th 2021 about the deaths of 9 elderly people in a nursing home in Trim County Meath is one of many in recent weeks. The report said:

“The HSE has confirmed that first doses of the vaccine were
administered at St Joseph’s Community Nursing Unit on January 12th and 13th, with all eligible residents being vaccinated.”

“An outbreak of the disease was declared at the nursing home on January 20th with 25 residents at the 50-bed care facility testing positive for Covid-19. Nine residents died during the course of the outbreak.”

Covid-19: Nine die in Trim nursing home despite having had …


Bad as Ireland’s recent death rate has been; it palls in comparison to the UK. For the month of January the Office National Statistics recorded circa 23,000 excess deaths, which is 40% above the 5 year average. These deaths are described as Covid fatalities. If excess deaths for February are added on, the figure approaches 35,000.

The official narrative in Ireland, from medics to media to the
political is that everyone met one another over Christmas 2020 and a UK variant spread like wildfire amongst the people causing a large number of deaths in January. 

It is a plausible story; but what if that is all that it is-a story?
Scientists who have studied Covid -19 have admitted they have no scientific proof for the existence of a novel new virus. Ireland’s Health Service Executive admitted in a freedom of information request submitted by journalists, Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters that they have no proof the new virus exists. Many other national health authorities have made similar admissions.

Yet public health officials and governments would have us believe they have identified new strains of something that has never been isolated.

Logically- how is it possible to identify a spin-off ‘variant’ of
something that was never shown to have existed in the first place?

Is Covid-19 old wine in a new bottle? Or to put it another way: flu, pneumonia and other respiratory conditions all lumped together under the one umbrella and given a brand new and vaguely sinister sounding name!

Intriguingly, WHO data shows that influenza was rife throughout the Northern hemisphere up until around week 11 of 2020 (March 20th) at which point it went into decline until it disappeared by week 11 (April 17th). These dates fit like a glove the trajectory of the so called 2020 COVID-19 ‘pandemic.’



This would explain why no one has ever been able to isolate a new virus called Covid-19 on a Petri dish and take a photograph of it. If scientists had looked instead for influenza, pneumonia or regular Corona viruses they would have found plenty of candidates.

In Ireland the official pandemic narrative is already starting to fall apart like a cheap suit. It is widely accepted that Covid is
comparatible to seasonal flu and that it was reckless Government actions such as emptying out the country’s hospitals, deliberate fear mongering and lockdowns, which caused many deaths among the elderly.


It is also widely known that official data on case numbers, death rates and hospital admission figures is deeply questionable to point of being worthless.

Michael Mc Namara TD who is a member of the Irish Parliament highlighted the absurdity for all the world to see last September.

Whilst Chairing a Parliamentary Special Committee on Covid-19, he put it to the Interim Director of Ireland’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre, and member of the National Public Health Emergency Team, Dr. John Cuddihy- if someone was hospitalized with “a broken leg,” but then tested and was found to be a positive, would they be counted among the Covid-19 hospitalization numbers?

To which Dr Cuddihy candidly admitted: “they are included in the surveillance statistics- yeah.”

Ireland’s former Prime Minister and current deputy leader, Leo Varadakar -a medical doctor- admitted in the national parliament that deaths were willy nilly officially relabelled as Covid mortalities. In an astonishing statement he said:

“If someone had stage 4 cancer; was in a nursing home and was suspected of having Covid -but did not test positive- we counted that.” 

Taken at face value, official Irish government policy is not science, but chicanery; pimping-up the figures to suit an agenda.

Recent data from Ireland’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) sheds further unwelcome light on the official Covid-19 pandemic story.

According to the HPSC, 1,129 adults with confirmed Covid were admitted to Intensive Care Units between March 2020 and January 2021.

Of the 698 people (62%) who survived and were subsequently discharged, 75% had primary viral pneumonia, 68% had acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and 28% had secondary bacterial pneumonia during their time in Intensive Care.

Intriguingly, Covid-19 not mentioned as a serious medical condition. We can conclude from this omission, that Covid-19 -which has been portrayed as a distinctive life threatening disease- is viewed very differently by clinicians.

People were in hospital intensive care units, but they appeared to be there for something else entirely- principally PNEUMONIA.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre also sheds light on the general poor health of the people who ended up in ICU: 89% 1,006 had one or more underlying medical conditions. The four most commonly reported underlying medical conditions were: chronic heart disease (47%); hypertension (44%); chronic respiratory disease (33%); and diabetes (31%).


Meanwhile, hard data from the Central Statistics Office reveals that there were less than 1100 excess deaths in Ireland last year. Meaning there was NO PANDEMIC in 2020. ENDS.

CSO reports fewer excess deaths than Dept of Health – RTE