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Up to 90% of “positive” results are, in fact, false positives.

I wrote earlier today about the fact that the Corona virus test being used in Ireland is prone to dramatically overstate infections, in direct proportion to the amount of cycles of testing.

Each sample is tested in cycles. Ie, it is tested again and again. Each time the “magnification” increases, so the test then reacts to smaller and smaller amounts of genetic material.

The more cycles that it takes to reach the point where some target genetic material is detected, the less of that material is present in the sample.

Less genetic material means less “viral load”, and less liklihood that the subject “has” the virus, and can pass on the disease. At high cycle levels, the test is most likely to pick up fragments of genetic material relating to past infections with a variety of corona viruses. These tiny fragments do NOT mean that the subject “has” any disease.

With the Corona virus test, anything beyond 30 cycles is considered by experts in the field to be pointless.

They compare a “positive” result from anything more than 30 cycles to be like saying that someone is in a room, because you found a strand of their hair that they left behind.

In the United States they have found that up to 40 cycles are being performed. This renders 90% of positives to be false positives, and creates a “casedemic” where there are more and more “cases” simultaneous to fewer deaths, and most of the “cases” reporting little or no symptoms.

After reviewing these fact, it immediately came to my mind: What about Ireland? We have a huge Casedemic going on here. We have the National Public Health Emergency Team announcing that we need to go to draconian “level 5” total lockdown because of……. More “cases”.

This begs the question: How many cycles of the PCR test are being performed in Ireland?

Firstly, that information is not easily publicly available: Media don’t talk about it. And our public representatives don’t talk about it.

I spent the day sending emails to TDs, (public representatives), and I got no response whatsoever.

I tried to contact the various Alphabet organisations like HSE, HIQA, and of course NPHET.

For the record, NPHET is completely unaccountable. I had to find the names of the members from newspapers, and google them to try to come up with contact details.

Finally, and to their credit, I got a timely response from Health Protection Surveillance Centre of the HSE.

Here is their response and its a bombshell:

The number of PCR cycles performed on a sample depends somewhat on which specific laboratory test is performed.
It is typically about 35 cycles or more.

So Ireland is right up there with the USA, performing 35 or more cycles on each sample, and therefore returning up to 90% false positives.

This is simply further proof that the Casedemic is a result of the widespread testing. It is not a result of any factual pandemic of a dangerous disease. This is bourne out by the tiny numbers of deaths attributed to Covid 19 in the recent months.

We are being misled with this irresponsible testing regime.

  • People are being told to isolate when they have no significant level of infection, and where they won’t fall ill, nor will they present any risk to others.
  • Our indigenous industries and businesses are being destroyed.
  • The Mental Health of adults and children is being put under enormous and unnecessary pressure.
  • And all of our normal living and working activities are curtailed.

All on the basis of a provably inaccurate test.

It is high time we wake up to this situation.

Please spread this information widely. The public need to know about these facts.