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You may be surprised that I compare Covid 19 and its lockdowns to War. Certainly, if your image of war is nation vs nation, with bombs and bullets, and one nation “winning” and the other “losing”, then it does not seem like a war.


However, a more accurate description of war is this:

The global elite, pitting people against one another with the goal of increasing the wealth and power of the global elite, to the detriment of the people in general.

That is a more accurate description of war in the modern times.


Whether people are inflicting harm on one another via bombs or syringes, the goal of the globalist elite is the same: To increase their power and control over humanity.


Now, if your perspective is Joe Duffyesque, you won’t accept the above. Joe Duffy and the rest of the media will have you believe that a terrible virus is on a pandemic rampage, and we all have to stay at home until the good people of Pfizer and Moderna get enough vaccines out to save us all. And we are all in this together, as long as we will be good boys and girls and do what we are told and don’t ask questions.


The problem with Joe Duffyism, is that the facts don’t support that belief.

The outbreak of Covid 19 has not killed any great number of people, nothing more than a flu season.

The test for Covid 19 is completely inaccurate.

The “death rate” for Covid 19 can only be supported by misclassifying deaths with Covid as deaths OF Covid.

Consequently: While we are told daily of the numbers who died WITH Covid, there are practically NO deaths from Flu.

Simply put: The Covid fatalaties are made up of people who last year would have been classified as Flu, heart attack and other diseases.


As Mark Twain said

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”

Below is an excellent video on the War on Humanity posing as a pandemic.

As usual, it is long, but you can listen to it while doing other things.

Below is a shorter one. Excellent Australian speaker.

Below: Quick video showing how oxygen levels IMMEDIATELY drop to dangerously low levels when wearing a mask. And by the way, this short video is science. There is a hypothesis: Masks may reduce oxygen levels. Then there is a test with measurement. This is observable, and repeatable. Simple and scientific. What we have seen during this pandemic is not Science, but Scientism: A religious following of “experts” posing as scientists. When anyone says “Trust the experts” that is Scientism, not science.