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The story we are being sold with Covid 19 is a simple one:

Covid bad, very bad. Many people die. Very dangerous. Pandemic. Be afraid. NPHET warns you.


Vaccine come soon. Vaccine safe. Vaccine good. You go back to happy life. Vaccine save you. Vaccine makers here to help. NPHET knows best.

This is, of course, the marketing pitch of vaccination.

1. Hype the threat from disease.

2. Present vaccines as the safe and effective cure.

This is in reality, a combination of a horror story and a fairy tale.

The horror story I have exposed many many times already. The numbers of deaths from/of/with covid 19 are hugely exaggerated.

And the number of cases is a complete myth, because the test for Covid 19 is 0% accurate.

In other words, we have a population driven demented with fear over a January spike in flu cases that happens every year.

The next part is the fairy tale that is actually a horror story: The idea that the vaccines are some kind of magic from the fairy godmother of big pharma. And that they are completely “Safe and effective”.

That is just completely childish nonsense. The Vaccine producers are, in the main, convicted felons. And they have all been given complete 100% immunity from prosecution for any harm they may do to you and your family. And who underwrites that risk? Well, you and your family, as the taxpayer will payout the compensation.

In the videos below, first Dell Bigtree exposes how rushed the vaccines have been, with NO animal studies. This is very telling, as any previous attempts at creating vaccines for corona viruses failed in animal studies when the animals died of hyper immune shock after they were exposed to naturally occuring corona viruses.

The next two videos are social media posts by victims. I cannot verify every such video, but they illustrate that when we are told that a patient was “hospitalised” or suffered anaphalactic shock, we are talking about real and serious injuries.

The next video is extraordinary. It is revealed that the Moderna vaccine is not actually a vaccine at all. It is a form of medical device that genetically alters your body to produce a pathogen. It is not meant to prevent you from getting covid 19, but is supposed to reduce symptoms if you get it. In other words, it is like giving someone chemo therapy just in case they get cancer sometime.

And finally: Just so you know who we are being asked to trust. The World Health Organisation and big pharma were caught in Kenya using a tetanus vaccine to mass sterilise women in secret and of course without their consent. And we are asked to trust these same people?

80% of people injected with the Moderna “vaccine” have a clinical adverse event!

While 80% of people exposed to Covid 19 have no symptoms at all!

Not only that, the Moderna vaccine is injecting you with pathogens which have been long associated with serious deadly diseases including Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.

The bottom line is: If you are not already very old or very ill, your risk from covid 19 is almost non existent. (And if you are old or ill, there are many preventive measures that can be taken that are of low risk).

On the other hand, if you take the vaccines or the Moderna genetic modification, the risks are real and significant. Plus we do not even have any idea how great those risks are going to be because these vaccines/ treatments are completely untried and experimental.