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The government and parliament in Ireland have been misled by a targetted campaign of fearmongering and deception.

The deceptions are clearly summarized below.


The Irish government is obsessed with getting as many vaccines as possible, as soon as possible.

This is with the stated aim to get back to normal life ASAP.


But this goal is based on four assumptions that are in fact deceptions.


The assumptions are

1. There are large numbers of cases of Covid 19

2. Covid 19 disease is highly contagious and deadly, more so than any disease in living memory.

3. There is no effective treatment for Covid 19.

4. There are four different safe and effective vaccines which we must all take as soon as possible.so that normal life can resume.


All of those assumptions are in fact deceptions. To base our actions blindly on those assumptions is to participate in a lie.

To enforce house arrest, distancing, masking, and destruction of livlihoods, based on deception is a crime.


Deception 1. Large numbers of cases of Covid 19.

The PCR test for Covid 19 is wildly inaccurate and overstates the number of cases.

That means large numbers of deaths are mis-classified as Covid 19. It also means that there is a “Casedemic”, large numbers of apparent cases,which are used to justify further lockdowns.

The PCR test is claimed to be a “gold standard” test for Covid 19.

But the test is for

a fragment of genetic material

which is thought to be

part of a virus

that has not been isolated.

It is complete guesswork. It is NOT a gold standard test.

Furthermore, everyone in the field agrees that magnifying the sample above 35 cycles renders the test meaningless. Yet in Ireland and around the world the “Covid 19” PCR test is run at 45 cycles. This means that approximately 80% of Covid 19 “cases” are people who never had the disease, and never will display any symptoms at all.

The case numbers are being used to scare the public are meaningless, and the lock-downs are completely pointless and counter productive.

Large numbers of cases will continue to be reported until such time as the PCR test is abandoned as the useless waste of time that it is.

Of course, the bogus PCR test has the effect of being a foundation for the other deceptions, which is the purpose that it serves…..





Deception 2. Alleged High death rate from Covid 19.

The mortality from Covid 19 has been systematically overstated.

Total deaths from Covid 19 have been exaggerated by classifying every death WITH Covid 19 as death OF Covid 19.

If anyone tested positive from the inaccurate test, and died within 28 days it was recorded as a Covid 19 death. As a result, we have large numbers reported to have died with Covid 19, yet the total number of deaths is not higher than a bad flu season.

This is a huge deception. The State is complicit in this deception by allowing such a mis-classification of deaths.

Most people are walking around thinking that the numbers announced as having died “WITH” covid 19, died OF Covid 19.

This is medical-legal sophistry, and deception.

Technically, due to the 80% false positives PCR test, those people died within 28 days of a positive. PCR test.

But in no way did they die OF Covid 19.

This is blatent deception. This lie, along with the related “Casedemic” of symptomless, not-sick people testing positive on the PCR test, is the justification used for Lockdowns, Isolation, Mask wearing, and destruction of livlihoods.

In other words, the lockdowns are without justification.

This entire deception is a setup to make us cry out for the vaccines.


Deception 3. The claim that there is no effective treatment for Covid 19.

In fact, there is effective treatment for Covid 19, and this has been covered up to justify the dangerous vaccine roll out.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), plus vitamin D, C and Zinc have proven very effective. However, the Emergency Use Authorisation for the improperly tested, experimental vaccines, depends on there being no effective treatement.

So HCQ, and other effective treatments, have been discredited using deliberately falsified data. This went as far as scientific fraud published in the Lancet medical journal, which had to be later withdrawn.

The media made much of the original claims, and said nothing about the many studies that have shown that HCQ, along with Vitamin C, D, and Zinc are highly effective in treating Covid 19 .

This means that elderly patients were allowed to die for want of this simple, low cost, effective treatment regime.

And while denying them effective treatment, the WHO used our affection for the elderly to justify lockdowns and rollout of dangerous vaccines.



Deception 4. Claiming the Vaccines are Safe and Effective, and implying that they are tested and approved.

The Vaccines are in fact, experimental, very dangerous, and only have emergency approval.

The emergency approval is based on the first three deceptions: The claim that there are many cases, that the disease is very deadly, and that there is no effective alternative to vaccination. The first three deceptions all serve to justify the fourth deception, and the end goal: Billions of Euros in profits for the pharmaceutical cartel, and control over the world’s population the likes of which we have never seen.

The vaccines have been rushed out. They have not been sufficiently tested. The manufacturers themselves designed what little testing was done, and designed it to suit themselves. Even so, they had to admit most participants had some kind of adverse reaction.

The vaccines are better termed “Experimental Gene Therapy”. They use a genetic engineering process to instuct your body to produce a protein that your immune system will react to. This has never been done before.

When it was previously attempted, all the animals in the trials died from immune over-reaction. And now the animal trials have been skipped.

If this was written in a fiction, nobody would believe something so blatent could happen.

The risks includeL

Immediate Anaphyactic shock,


Delayed Immune Over Reaction, which may occur months later.


There is no proper montioring of adverse reactions: To the best of my knowledge there is no proper provision for reporting adverse reactions in Ireland.

In the USA there is a formal system called VAERS. It is very much underused in general. Most doctors in the US are ignorant of its existence. It is thought that only around 1% of adverse events are reported on it. But despite that, there are already thousands of recorded adverse events to the experimental Covid 19 vaccines. And over 1200 deaths.

These are real people getting very ill, and dying in some cases.


Ironically, if you test positive using the inaccurate PCR test, and you die within 28 days, it is recorded as Covid 19 death.

Yet if you get the vaccine and die within 48 hours, it is explained away.


All members of Dáil Éireann need to take heed.

To continue to comply with the deceptions is to commit the crime of malfeasance.

The Pharmaceutical Cartel are not our friends.

The vaccine manufacturers are multinational pharmaceutical corporations. They have a trunover greater than Ireland’s.

They need the vaccine business to ensure their profits.

All of the major vaccine manufacturers have been convicted of felonies due to selling medicines they knew to be deadly.

They have different priorities to the rest of us. They are in the business of making money from vaccines. And this is a licence to print money for them.


Yet Dáil Éireann has signed up to give them complete immunity from any claims that arise from damage done by these “Vaccines”. They have exactly zero incentive to honestly ensure the safety and well being of those who are vaccinated. Because it has been made certain that they will face no consequences for the harm being done.


There has been a deliberate campaign of deception and fearmongering around Covid 19.


We have been lied to about,

Case numbers,

Actual mortality,

The existence of safe and effective and low cost treatments

The dangers of the vaccines.


We have had our government and parliament rushing headlong to enforce the dictates of unelected and unaccountable “medical experts”. These people have promoted the deceptions and lies. All of them are greatly influenced by the corrupt pharmaceutical cartel, and many of them are in the pay of the pharmaceutical cartel.


Ireland has a sorry history of abdicating responsibility to organisations elevated to a position of authority. We should have learned our lesson previously.


The self serving pharmaceutical cartel and the medical industry that it dominates do NOT deserve our unquestioned obedience.


It is a disgrace that these issues are not being discussed by those who are very well paid to act as OUR representatives.


The members of our parliament have no other duty but to act in our interest.

That includes discussion of the dangers and costs of the actions being recommended.

It is the duty of every public representative to be informed of the facts and not be party to this deception.


Having gone along with the deception so far, it may be uncomfortable for some to acknowledge the truth. But the sooner this is done the better.

Truth cannot be ignored.


We find ourselves in a situation akin to the old story of “The King Has No Clothes”. The difference is : that was a farce. This is a tragedy.


Ireland previously led the world in recognizing the truth about the health effects of smoking.

It is time Ireland stands up again to recognize the truth about the lies and deception foisted upon us in a campaign of deliberate fear mongering with the goal of profit and control.


The truth must be acknowledged immediately or the state will lose all legitimacy.

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