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The vaccine proposed by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci will irrevocably genetically engineer your DNA for eternity.

It is designed to alter your DNA to produce an immune response.

And this alteration gets into every cell of your body.

This will be passed down to future generations forever.

It is mindblowing that such a possibility exists. It’s like a plot that would be rejected for a James Bond villain as being too implausible. Yet they want that injected into you by January.

And the fear campaign has been so succesful that there is no debate about it. The only question asked by the media seems to be, “when will it be ready?”

Fortunately, more than 50% of Irish people have indicated that they will refuse or are undecided about accepting a covid 19 vaccine.

Lets hope we can persuade those who have been led to believe that this vaccine will be safe, to rethink.

This vaccine represents an horrific step into uncharted territory. It has not even been tested on animals.

They have gone straight to human trials, on a very small test group. And of course, as is usual with vaccines, there is no double blind placebo control study.

As with everything connected with Covid 19, there has been no logical appraisal of benefits vs risks.

For a possible benefit of avoiding a mild disease which is asymptomatic in the vast majority of cases, we are embarking on an irreversible course of human genetic engineering.

You can listen to Robert F. Kennedy Junior describe the process here.


(It starts at about 5 minutes).

Here is my summary of what he said:

There are 80 seperate Covid 19 vaccine projects, Bill Gates has 8 of them in his direct control.

One is the Moderna vaccine

It is a really dangerous reckless human experiment.

Moderna was on verge of bankruptcy and lost 500m last year, Gates and Fauci rescued them by giving them the contract for this vaccine.

This is an RNA vaccine…

Other vaccines are antigen based (an inactive virus, and an adjuvant which stimulates the immune system. Which is a huge problem I deal with seperately in these posts).

An RNA vaccine injects a snipet of virus RNA which edits the genetic code in every cell in your body to produce antigens.

It is genetic engineering of humans, which is condemned by the Geneva statement.

They are injecting humans with gene altering technology without proof, and with negligent derisory testing.

Even vaccine proponants are saying it is insanely dangerous to inject human beings with gene altering substances.

There is definitely no informed consent by the unfortunate human guinea pigs. They are not being told that their DNA is being irreversibly altered.

It is reckless and criminal

Furthermore there is a general problem with covid vaccines, which is called “immune enhancement”.

During the previous SARS outbreak over ten years ago, governments got together and tried to develop a vaccine.

They chose the four most promising of them.

These vaccines were tested on ferrets, which are similar to humans in respiratory issues.

In all four vaccines, the ferrets “developed admirabe immune response”.

The Ferrets got antibodies, but when later exposed to the wild virus, they got body wide inflamation of organs and died. This put an end to the developments.

This brought to light a previous similar experience in humans…

In 1960s there was a corona virus vaccine developed.

The vaccine similarly “enhanced pathways of the virus” and a large proportion of the human subjects died

This is an ongoing problem with corona virus vaccines causing immune enhancement.

There are two types of antibodies. “Neutralising antibodies” provide immunity and protection, whereas “binding antibodies” help virus to stick to receptors.

It appears that corona virus vaccines have a habit of causing an even worse reaction than the disease that they are supposed to protect against.

Our hero Anthony Fauci has questions to answer in this regard:

In 2014 Fauci developed a vaccine against Denge disease, which is similar to corona virus in many ways.

Despite evidence of people getting sicker after the vaccine, large numbers of children in the Philippines were injected with it.

600 died.

The Philippines government is now prosecuting the officials involved in allowing this vaccine into their country.

Remarkably, Vaccines are never tested in the field with a placebo control group. (ie some get vaccine, some get a placebo containing nothing active at all. Then you compare benefits AND hazards. That is what is NOT done.)

Instead, the way they get a licence is, they inject a few thousand and test for anitbodies.

And just so you know, antibodies is where the word “effective” comes from when you are told that all vaccines are “safe and effective”. It does NOT mean the vaccine is effective against a disease, it means the vaccine is designed for an effect (antibodies), and can produce that effect. Clever.

As for the “safe” part of “safe and effective”. Well, that is something you just have to take as a matter of blind faith. Because vaccines are not subject to double blind placebo controlled studies. So their safety has never been proven. All that remains is the deliberate ambiguity where the vaccine manufacturers can claim that their safety has not been DIS proven.