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This is a great video exposing that there is no second wave of Covid 19 deaths, nothing above the usual January surge in cases of the dominant flu virus.

This happens every year, and January 2021 is no different from any other year, in terms of excess mortality. Does nobody remember that every January since forever we have the daily cound of how many hundreds of people are on trolleys because hospitals are full to capacity.

The difference in 2021 is fearmongering.

The mechanism of fearmongering is

1. Highlight the “huge numbers” of cases. (Based on 80% false positives from PCR test).

2. Attribute as many deaths as possible to Covid 19 by classifying any death with a positive PCR test as death “with covid 19”,which the general population hear as death “of covid 19”.

Panic ensues. And fearful people are the best customers for vaccines.

The fact is, deaths are no more than the usual January surge, but that is not how it is being presented to the traumatised poplulation.

As an example of how the situation in Ireland has been hyped and exaggerated, by the end of June we were being told that approximately 1700 deaths had occurred as a result of covid 19. The Central Statistics office finally released their figures for April, May and June, and the excess mortality over the previous year was approximately 1000.

This means the deaths from Covid 19 are being greatly overstated.

As a result, the risks posed by Covid 19 are by now no greater than the annual flu season.

But that is not a good idea for people to have when there are billions of doses of vaccine to be sold.

So we are being bombarded by “deadly covid” propaganda night noon and morning.

Of course, the population is in fear of Covid, and also worn out from lockdowns, so many look forward to getting a vaccine. They see it as a free pass to normal life.

But is it free of risk? Is the vaccine Safe and Effective as we are being told?

Well, if you are going to believe that, you need to take it as a matter of faith, because there is no science to back up the claim that vaccines are safe.

The reason there is no science is because the vaccine industry steadfastly refuses to do meaningful studies on the long term health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children and adults.

The reason they won’t do it is that they know the results will be damning.

So vaccination remains a religion based on Scientism, the external trappings of science, minus the actual practice of measurement, testing and verification.

And that means that if you choose to take the vaccine against covid 19, you will be subjected to an unscientific process. It is really more like a voodoo ritual than anything rational.

And you should be aware that the vaccine producers are, for the most part, convicted felons, who have had to pay out billions of dollars after they were caught selling medicines they knew to be killing their customers.

But never mind, they have full indemnity from any consequences if the vaccine harms or kills you.

Imagine that. People will be injected with an improperly tested, rushed product, where the producers face ZERO repercussions for any harm caused.

You might think the risks are very low. But that is not the case. For vaccines that have been much longer in development, there is growing evidence of links to a host of autoimmune and nerve disorders.

And a corona virus vaccine has never before been produced, specifically because of the harm caused to animals in the experimental phase. The animals died when later exposed to a wild coronavirus, due to a hyper immune response called a “cytokyne storm”.

And yet, in the space of a few months, the criminal felon pharma corporations have managed to come up with four different ones? How clever.

Below, Ireland’s own Dolores Cahill outlines how many recipients will likely become ill and die within months of receiving the mRNA vaccine.

And to make matters worse, the mRNA vaccine is genetic modification. In other words, once you get it, you cannot stop it from acting, because it instructs you own cells to produce the proteins that cause the immune response.

In the words of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, “what could possibly go wrong?”

Bonus video clip:

44,333 adverse reactions to Covid 19 vaccines already in USA, just 3 weeks into the roll out!

That is extraordinary. It is strange how RTE, The BBC and the rest neglected to tell us that bit of information.

(start watching at 3:30, up til then he is getting ready to spill the beans.)