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Let’s face it, immunity from prosecution is the most important thing to vaccine makers, not immunity from disease.

RTE reports today

The High Court has approved a settlement in the case of a 15-year-old boy who developed an incurable sleep disorder and a debilitating auto immune condition after receiving the swine flu vaccine ten years ago.

The ground breaking settlement also paves the way for a further 80 people – mostly teens and young adults –  who have cases pending to achieve similar settlements.

In his claim for damages against the HSE and vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline, Ben Blackwell from Ratoath, Co Meath claimed there was a failure to fully inform people of the risks associated with the vaccine, in particular its effect on children.

The court heard the life-altering, incurable condition had affected his career prospects and his social, personal and sporting life.

Ben received the Pandemrix vaccine at school in February 2010 as part of a mass vaccination programme during the swine flu pandemic in 2009/10.

Ben’s parents were assured that Pandemrix was safe and effective. Just as parents today are assured that the flu vaccine is safe and effective.

Some time afterwards he was diagnosed with the sleep disorder narcolepsy and the auto immune disease cataplexy which can cause a sudden collapse of muscle groups.

The High Court heard that the adjuvant or booster used in the vaccine can cause a rare side effect in young people which affects the part of the brain that controls sleepfulness, wakefulness and appetite.

The adjuvant or “booster” is a toxin, usually aluminium. It is used to “Stimulate the immune response”. The reason is that, if you are injected with a live virus, you get the disease. So you are injected with a dead virus. However, dead virus material usually does not result in the creation of antibodies. And antibodies are the holy grail of vaccination. Antibodies are the “effect” part of “safe and effective”. So a toxic booster is added. This injection of aluminium or other toxin “stimulates” the immune system. In other words, the body goes into an immune alert, having been poisoned. Antibodies are then created in this heightened immune state. That is why it is called an adjuvant or booster.

The body is poisoned by the aluminium, a potent neurotoxin, and not surprisingly, narcolepsy and other neurological damage occurs.

Furthermore, the body makes antibodies to other ingredients of the vaccine, a common one is peanut oil. The increase in vaccination rates has been paralleled by the increase in childhood allergies.

He suffers from extreme exhaustion and needs to sleep during the day and is wakeful at night. He suffers from sleep paralysis and hallucinations. 

Senior Counsel Dermot Gleeson told the High Court the State and the vaccine makers had “failed in their truth telling obligations” and that the vaccine had not been properly tested on children. 

He said adverse reactions were seven to eight times more prevalent in Europe than in Canada because a different adjuvant or booster product had been used here.

Perhaps GSK didn’t get the same immunity deal in Canada. So they were 8 times more irresponsible in Ireland.

He also said that under the terms of the advance purchase of the vaccine, GSK was given indemnity by the HSE and other health authorities around Europe and was also allowed to dictate how the HSE were to defend any potential cases including being prevented from admitting liability.

Mr Gleeson said some years after the vaccination programme it was concluded that there was a 13 fold risk of narcolepsy in those vaccinated. 

There you have it, GSK the vaccine maker got indemnity from the HSE. So for them, it is a risk free product. Bear in mind that GSK, along with the others of the big four vaccine producers, is a convicted felon in the USA, as a result of knowingly killing people with harmful but profitable medicines.

The same indemnity is being arranged now for the covid 19 vaccine. And has most likely been arranged for the flu vaccine being given to children.

This is further evidence that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

How could they possibly be safe? They are not tested in any meaningful way. The gold standard in medicine testing is a double blind placebo controlled study. Vaccines are not subject to that. Nor are long term studies carried out, to compare general health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Yet the convicted felon vaccine makers dare to claim that vaccination is scientific. And regrettably, parents go along with this without question.

What is safe and effective is for us to build a strong natural immunity through proper nutrition ( a woefully neglected part of our lives), and a healthful life, which involves interacting with others to develop robust immunity.

It is insane to expect that hiding at home amid a germobhobic hysteria, coupled with breathing in our waste air in a face mask is going to do any good.

And waiting to be saved by a toxic vaccine, produced by a convicted felon corporation that has blanket immunity. Well, that’s a death wish.