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Cui bono is a Latin phrase that means “who benefits?”, and is used to suggest that there’s a high probability that those responsible for a certain event are the ones who stand to gain from it. For example, if a certain crime has been committed, ‘cui bono’ suggests that the person who committed that crime is likely someone who benefited from it.


Now lets look at the crime of the Century: The Covid 19 Hoax.

First, Lets just remind ourselves of the crime itself:

1. The spread of Covid 19 was deliberately exaggerated many times over, by the use of an inaccurate PCR test, set to return false positives.

2. The number of fatalities was deliberately overstated by classifying everyone who died WITH Covid 19 (per the inaccurate test), as having died FROM Covid 19.

3. Safe and Effective treatments were deliberately suppressed using falsified data.

4. Using the above deceptions as justification, unsafe and improperly tested experimental vaccines have been rushed out and are being administered to everyone foolish enough to take them.

5. Side effects and injuries from the vaccines have been ignored, while the public is told they are completely safe.


Any one of the above is a crime in itself. Taken together, we see a pattern of criminal activity aimed at misleading the population, creating a fear mindset, and manipulating people to take actions they would not otherwise take. In this case, the end result is that people submit themselves to harmful lockdowns, and even more harmful medical proceedure in the form of the untested vaccine.


So, to find those responsible for this crime, we should look for those who have benefitted the most from this crime.


I will list those who benefitted to various degrees below, in order of culpability. We will work from least culpable to most culpable:


1. We, the people.

After all, we have allowed this to happen. This we mostly did through ignorance. But ignorance is an action, not a state of being. (As in, to ignore a person or an event). So, we the people criminally ignored the deception to played out in front of us.

The benefits we got from doing so was cash payouts and getting to look pious. Of course, we are the ones who will suffer. But nevertheless we have participated in the crime by looking the other way.

We took the cash payouts of pandemic payments. Our own money of course, and we will have to pay it back in taxes and economic hardship. But short term, we were bought off.

As for piety, with the demise of traditional regligion, we have been given a new ideology. It is essentially a religion of transhumanism: A new and better life through technology and genetic manipulation. I will write further about transhumanism. But suffice to say every religion or ideology trades in hope, in exchange for compliance. And compliance has become a sacriment of Covid 19. There is also a sordid part of human nature that revels in petty corrections of others, finger pointing, finding fault. These benefits, fake as they are, led the masses to ignore the crime, and to attack those who dared to point it out.


2. Doctors, Nurses, and other “Frontline Workers”

Doctors and Nurses are supposed to be trained in the scientific method. That is quite a simple process. Observe, form hypothesis, test, verify results. The scientific process can be applied to all events. Especially when we are told there is a pandemic. It has taken a long time for the facts of Covid 19 crime to come to light. This is in large part due to the silence of Doctors, Nurses and other front line workers. They had time to make dance videos on tiktok, but not time to blow the whistle on the fake test, falsified fatality numbers, and supressed treatments. Of course, there are many notable exceptions. But far too few.

The benefit they got was adoration. It is hard not to go along with the crime, when the crime involves people hanging national flags out their windows inscribed with “thank you, front line workers”.

3. Main Stream, Traditional Media.

Up to 2020, the traditional media were losing relevance daily. They continued to lose readers and viewers to internet based independent media. That all changed with Covid 19.

Suddenly, we were locked in our homes, with radio and TV assuming a newfound old dominance.

The fading stars of RTE, BBC, CNN et al became celebrities again.

They quickly latched onto the role of “reliability heros”, fighting the good fight for compliance to government mandates, and crushing the bad guys of disinformation.

They played on emotions of course, but in a very calculated way. Everything was done to direct our thoughts to the suffering of the exaggerated numbers with Covid 19, while ignoring the facts of the manipulated case numbers, the 99.9% recovery rate, and the harm and deaths being caused by lockdowns.

The benefit to them was a new lease of life. In return they crushed dissent by completely ignoring anything bar the official line. They pushed the mantras of “we are all in this together”, “new normal”, “this too shall pass”, and all the rest of the tired drivel that has been repeated ad nauseum.


4. Internet Tech giants.

The internet social media giants got four square behind the Covid 19 criminal enterprise and instituted the greatest censorship operation in human history. Using Artificial Intelligence machine learning programmes, they react in milliseconds to Covid 19 WrongThink. All Wrong Speech is scrubbed from their platforms and the masses are kept in ignorance. This is ironic as the internet began as an enormous free speech platform. Initially the social media giants made advertising money by allowing us a good measure to express ourselves. But with the advent of Covid 19 the gloves came off.

The benefit they got was our increasing reliance on big tech in our lives. Cut off from human contact, we are reduced to interaction via Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. And we shop with Amazon while our local shops go bust.


5. Politicians.

This has been a great crisis for politicians. “Politics is all about being seen to do the right thing.” In this case, they simply have to follow the roadmap laid out by big pharma in the form of the WHO. Once they do that, they get great approval ratings they would not otherwise have.

Also, similarly to the mainstream media, politicians have seen their relevance decline in recent years for a variety of reasons. Now they get to feel powerful and important as their decisions and “roadmaps” become headline news.

Don’t under-estimate the role of crass narcissism in the motivations of lockdown fans.


6. Academics.

Speaking of narcissism…. All kinds of stuffy academics who happened to be active in virology and related fields, have found themselves pushed onto comittees with sexy names like SAGE (UK), and Ireland’s NPHET. It is not as sexy an acronym as the UK’s, but the full name IS sexy: It is the National Public Health Emergency Team. Like the A Team, but it’s the NPHE Team.

These folks have been lifted from complete obscurity into a new status as celebrity/tyrant. They are fawned over by journalists who throw them easy pre-arranged questions. And they get to dictate every aspect of our lives. They have compelled us to stand apart, cover our faces, don’t shake hands, don’t hug our relatives, spend our days in solitary confinement, and don’t travel.


Never has such far reaching power been granted to anyone. Full stop.Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Don’t expect these people to admit to the facts of the covid hoax. They are benifitting far too much from the crime.

7. Big Pharma

Nobody stands to gain so much from this mess as Big Pharma.

In fact, up to 2020, Big Pharma was on the back foot. More and more medicines were becoming unprofitable due to more and more people suing Big Pharma for damages done by their medicines.

Of the big four vaccine producing corporations, all of them are convicted felons: Convicted of selling medicines in full knowledge that those same medicines were killing people. But continuing to sell them because it was more profitable to cover up the deaths.

But they couldn’t cover them all up, and have been forced to pay out billions in damages.


However, that applies to medicines only. Vaccines are not classified as medicines, and the big pharma vaccine makers have engineered indemnity for their vaccines, so they cannot be sued for damage done.


This means that Big Pharma needs to get away from patent medicines, and develop more and more patent vaccines. That is where the risk free profits lie.


The problem is that there is a growing body of independent research showing the harm being done by vaccines. While the damages are explained away by Big Pharma and their puppets in the political class, it has become harder and harder to deny in recent years.

This is especially so as Dr. Andrew Wakefield released Vaxxed, The Movie. This documentary exposed how the CDC comitted scientific fraud to cover up the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, even after they promised to investigate the link independently.

The pressure increased when Robert F. Kennedy Junior founded Chilren’s Health Defence, and set an army of researchers to work compiling the scientific evidence of vaccine damage.


Big Pharma really really needed a big event to change the Zeitgeist globally so that vaccination would be accepted unquestionably, and preferrably forced on the population.


Lo and Behold…. Along comes Covid 19, Lockdowns, and Bill Gates is on TV from day one, saying “Things won’t go back to normal until we get a great vaccine…”


Make no mistake. Billions will be made from the initial rollout of the covid genetic modification vaccine alone. The Western World has been turned into a cult of vaccine worship, and an economy dedicated to vaccine rollout.


The resultant religious fervor surrounding vaccines will ensure the future of Big Pharma– at least that is their hope and their plan.

The only possible snag is you and I. If we continue to allow this Covid circus to proceed as planned, we get the planned result:

More Tyranny, More Profitable but dangerous drugs, More falsified case numbers, More falsified death records, More Cover up of simple, effective, and low cost treatments, More lockdowns, More restrictions, More death by lockdown, and More death by vaccine.

The only way for us to stop this is for us to speak up at every opportunity.

We are the ones who will NOT benefit from this process. We must call to account those who seek to benefit from this chaos: Doctors, The Media, Social Media, Politicians, Bought off “Experts”, and above all Big Pharma.

Evil can thrive where good men do nothing.

We are many, they are few. We don’t have to be martyrs. Just speak out about the facts. The more of us that do so, and the sooner we do so, the sooner this Covid lockdown nightmare can be ended.