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It looks like the President of Tanzania didn’t get the memo that we should all just blindly trust Bill Gates and the “experts” that he bought.


President Magufuli, who happens to be a pHd chemist, decided to see how far the pandemic hysteria needs to go. So he sent in some unusual test subjects, labelled with random names.


So here are the results:


Car Oil, named Jabil Hamza, 30yo, Male, Negative.


Jackfruit, named Sarah Samuel 45yo, Female, inconclusive


Papaya, named Elizabeth One, 26yo, Female, Positve for Covid 19


Samples from a bird and a goat also tested positive.


A sheep tested negative.


So it looks like we have got a pandemic of Covid 19 among Papaya fruit, Birds and Goats.


Sheep seem to be ok.


Rabbits and Car engine oil, we can’t be sure.


Either that, or the man who invented the test was right: It should not be used as a diagnostic test because it is not accurate.




Other News:

Bill Gates Owns the Pandemic, because he bought it.