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We have quite an unusual situation with the Covid 19 disease.

It can be lethal to some people, especially the older age group.

We don’t know how lethal, because anyone who dies with Covid 19 is being classified as dying of Covid 19.

But it certainly is causing severe respiratory symptoms among some older people, and some others with pre-existing illnesses.

For the majority of people, there are little, or no symptoms.

Which is intruiging. Because if Covid 19 is “deadly”, how come so many people are asymptomatic?

One would expect that by now, we would have large numbers of people who “Got a bad dose” of Covid 19, leading to the conclusion that this powerfully potent virus strikes so hard at everyone, that the weaker victims (ie the old and the ill) are killed by it.

But that is not what we see:

Covid 19 appears to be asymptomatic for most people, but deadly for the old and the ill.

That’s strange.

Now let’s consider this:

In a recent interview, Robert F. Kennedy Junior mentioned some vaccines that were developed for Corona viruses, and that were tested. All appeared well with the test subjects, until they came in contact with a “wild” strain of corona virus. Then they displayed Covid 19 symptoms: Dry cough, Respiratory failure, but not pneumonia. In contrast , those who did not get the vaccine had no symptoms.

There was also an animal trial that found the same result: The vaccinated subjects became hyper sensitised to the natural virus, with fatal consequences.

In addition, it appears that this year’s flu vaccine was developed using dog tissue. And dogs are apparantly big hosts to corona viruses.

In addition, who are the groups that are thoroughly vaccinated with flu vaccine every year? That’s right, the old and the sick. And where most of all? Nursing homes.

And it is shocking that a full 54% of Covid 19 fatalities in Ireland are among nursing home residents. Of course, nursing home residents are almost 100% flu vaccinated.

In conclusion:

  1. Vaccines can and do create hypersensitivity to viruses that are asymptomatic in the unvaccinated.
  2. Covid 19 is asymptomatic to most in the cohort of people least likely to have taken flu vaccine.
  3. Yet Covid 19 is deadly to the cohort of people most likely to have taken the flu vaccine.

Which means Covid 19 could be a flu vaccine reaction disease.

And yes, yes, yes, co-relation is not causation. But co-relation should mean investigation.

Unfortunately we get very little of this.

We are still being led by people who are following the computer models of the now discredited Neil Ferguson. The man who told us that up to 500,000 Britons would die from Covid 19 unless there was a curve flattening lockdown. The same man who flouted his own lockdown to have his lover visit, while ordinary people are forced into isolation from their loved ones.

We should be looking at the data by now. The time for computer models is long past.

Specifically: How many deaths have there been, above the normal death rate?

And: What is the relationship between flu vaccine and covid 19 severe symptoms and mortality.

It is really important that we call our governments to account and give up the empty sloganeering. This is too important a matter to be left unscrutinised.