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The PCR test is a test for corona virus, not Covid 19. There are many corona viruses, including the common cold. We all carry fragments of corona virus dna, many relating to previous infections. These are at low levels, and harmless. The PCR test is picking up these fragments, and returning “positive” results for healthy people. That’s why we have a casedemic.

The PCR test is performed in “cycles”. Each cycle increases the sensitivity, and magnification. The more cycles, the more liklihood to pick up “something”, but the more liklihood that the “something” is an insignificant fragment of dna from a previous corona virus exposure. The New York Times has reported that the tests in some US states have so many cycles, that up to 90% of “positives” are really false positives, because the test is too sensitive.

It is, in this case, pointless to perform this test on healthy people without symptoms. But that is what is happening.

Testing is being ramped up massively. So now, if someone coughs, they get tested, and so does everyone around them. Many of those have no symptoms, a few have mild symptoms. That is by no means a deadly disease, or a pandemic. Also a few months ago it was all about deaths, now its all about cases, because there are practically no deaths.

And about deaths: The figure for Republic of Ireland is officially 1800. This cannot be justified: When the figure was at 1750, the Health Information and Quality Authority compared deaths in 2020 to deaths in same period 2019. They concluded that at most 1200 extra deaths occurred. That is the maximum that could be attributed to Covid 19. So the official figure is overstated by 50%.

It also must be remembered that the HSE claims that there can be “potentially 1,000 flu related deaths in Ireland during a severe flu season”.

Going on those official figures, Covid 19 amounted to, at most, 200 more deaths than a severe flu season.

We don’t close down the country, and lock everyone up, and destroy our national economy every few years when there is a regular severe flu season, so why now?

It also must be remembered that the HSE emptied out the hospitals of old people, to “prepare for the surge”. In the end, there was no surge in hospital admissions, there was just a surge in doctors and nurses making tik tok dance videos in empty hospital corridors. However, it did mean that old and very ill people were sent to nursing homes, which are not equipped for treating their diseases, and many of them died. Theses deaths were invariably attributed to Covid 19, despite the fact that in other years, when old and very ill people die from pneumonia or other respiratory illness brought on by their weakened state due to pre-existing illness, it is the primary illness, like cancer, that is listed as cause of death.

As a result, the median age of deaths associated with Covid 19 is 84.

Average life expectancy in Ireland is 82.

In other words, Covid-19 is such a deadly plague that you have to be older than normal life expectancy, and have a pre-existing serious illness, for it to kill you.

But we should all wear masks, right?

At the outset, the World Health Organisation, and “experts” like Fauci in the USA, stated that people should NOT wear face masks. They stated that only medical face masks can offer any protection against spread of viruses. They stated that cloth masks cannot stop viruses passing. Fauci himself stated that it is counter productive for people to wear masks, as they will touch the mask, touch their face, and likely make matters worse by doing so. The WHO stated that masks should only be worn by those with symptoms, to protect others, and not otherwise.

A scientific study done on mask wearing in a household with a flu case, found that there could be a maximum of 10% reduction of infection. But that was only with 100% mask wearing, using surgical masks. And if there was any instance of not wearing a mask, benefits went to zero.

But masks are not only useless, they are worse than useless:

If God intended us to breathe the used air that we expel, we might have been born with a mask. If air is tested outside a mask, it will test with normal oxygen levels. If tested inside the mask, ie the air you breathe while wearing a mask, it will test well below the minimum allowable oxygen level for a safe working environment. Think about that next time you want to drive a car while wearing a mask.

But the air is not only low in oxygen. We breathe out a warm, moist breath containing carbon dioxide waste, and other waste gasses and liquids. It is in no way healthy to be breathing this waste back in again. Also, these waste particles will lodge in the cloth mask, and become an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi.

So here we are:

October 2020. There are little or no deaths from Covid 19. Even with the most loose definition of the illness. There is a casedemic, driven by an inaccurate test that is not even a covid 19 test.

Meanwhile, the economy FELL by 6.2% in the second quarter of 2020. We are in a self inflicted economic depression. All of our indigenous industries have been decimated.

Meanwhile, we are all walking around with facemasks that are useless and harmful. We are denied access to food and all other resources unless we kowtow to this humiliating display of unthinking compliance.

Meanwhile, we are told we must wait for a vaccine to save us. Despite vaccines being an entirely unscientific process, given the refusal of the vaccine manufacturers to perform proper double blind placebo controlled tests on them.

Ironically: Once the vaccine is rolled out, we will be told it worked. Not that it worked, but simply the paramaters of the PCR test will be changed, so it picks up fewer “positives” and hey presto: Covid 19 is over.