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1. Death rate from Covid 19 was exaggerated in the early stages:

This is because there were relatively few cases detected. As a result, the deaths attributed to Covid 19 created the appearance of a high death rate. This created a state of fear in the public mind.


2. The actual death rate for Covid 19 is very low.

The recovery rates, stated by the US CDC are as follows:

Age under 20: 99.99% recovery rate

Age 20-49: 99.98% recovery rate

Age 50-70: 99.50% recovery rate

Age 70+: 95.00% recovery rate


Anyone up to age 70 has almost no chance to die from this, and most don’t even get symptoms at all. Yet these young and productive people have been put under house arrest for a year.

For those over 70, this mortality rate is made up of those with 2 or more serious pre-existing diseases. Covid 19 is deadly only to those who are already old, ill and frail. While the old and infirm were used as the justification for lockdowns, they were also denied access to treatments that would have worked for them, as you will see below.

This, and many of the other facts stated here are supported by americasfrontlinedoctors.com. Excellent video to watch here


3. Simple and effective treatments for Covid 19 exist.

If these had been used, the recovery rates would have been even higher. Many of the at risk group could have been saved.

These effective treatments were deliberately maligned by the medical pharma cartel. The prime example is Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). This is a cheap and proven medicine that has been used for years around the world to combat viral diseases. It was suggested as a treatment early in 2020. In May 2020 the Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, published a study purporting to show that Hydroxychloroquinine had net negative effects. The media made much of this study, and HCQ got a bad name as a result. It was widely forbidden as a treatment in the USA and Europe.

This is widely known due to the media attention given to the Lancet study. What is not widely known is that the Lancet were forced to retract that study.

Kudos to the Lancet for the retraction. However, the damage was done, as the media buried the story of the retraction.

The retraction was forced because HCQ has been shown to work against Covid 19.

In an analysis of 200 studies on HCQ, 100% reported positive results, with an average 66% improvement in outcomes. The chances of those results from an ineffective treatment are 1 in 3 Quadrillion.

Why would it be that the pharma cartel would use their influence to give proven, effective treatments a bad name? Could it be due to the fact that the big pharma corporations were busy signing multi billion dollar contracts for experimental vaccines?

It would not be good for business if people could recover with a 2 dollar tablet, they wouldn’t need the 100 dollar shot.


Here is an Australian medical professor detailing his early recovery from Covid 19 using HCQ. In fairness, he is very conservative, he only gives the chances of HCQ not working as 1 in 17 billion.


4. Lives were lost due to not adopting the proven treatments.

It is obvious that the death rate for Covid 19 would be even lower if HCQ and other simple therapies were used.

Rather than doing this, the medical establishment has adopted a two pronged harmful approach:

Firstly, in the early stages of symptomatic Covid 19, they recommend no treatment. This is the stage at which HCQ and vitamin therapy are most effective.

Secondly, in severe cases, ventilation has been used. This is a highly dangerous proceedure that has a usual fatality rate of 50%. It involves putting the patient into a coma a hooking them up to a breathing apparatus.


In addition, the most at risk group, over 70s with serious health problems, were sent from hospital to nursing homes, where many died. Many would have survived had they been in hospital and received effective treatments that are well known.


5. Total deaths from Covid 19 are inflated to include deaths WITH Covid 19.

The standard of reporting Covid 19 deaths is that if someone dies, and they tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 28 days, is recorded as a Covid 19 death. The death is announced as died WITH Covid 19. But in the public mind this is accepted as death from Covid 19.

Even if the test for Covid 19 were accurate, it does not follow that those who die with a disease actually died OF the disease. We could just as well be testing for the cold virus, and flu virus, and attributing deaths within 28 days to those.

The only accurate indicator of there being a pandemic of serious disease is if there are large numbers of extra deaths. While there are some extra deaths, they do not equal the numbers being stated for Covid 19. In Ireland, reported deaths with/of Covid 19 were 80% higher than the increase in total deaths. And that is not accounting for extra deaths caused by the Lockdowns.

What we have seen so far:

There has been a concerted effort to

Exxagerate the mortality rate of Covid 19

Exxagerate the total deaths from Covid 19

Ban simple, inexpensive and effective treatments for Covid 19.


And that is only the start of what we know. More to come, but alas, I must sleep. Chew on that for now. More to come.