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I’ve been busy of late, so this post is just something to keep you up to date, with another excellent video from Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Now that the push is on from the vaccine machine, it’s time to get as much information as you can out there. People will do whatever they want, and there has been so much propaganda and lying about Covid and the vaccine, that many have been taken in.

All we can do it speak the truth in the face of the lies. Most people I speak to are open to hear the facts. They just haven’t heard them before.

Even those who may offer resistance, they still are hearing the facts. They just may not admit it to you!

You will be surprised who is opposed to the covid hoax. I med two pharmacists, and I was shocked when they  told me they don’t buy it at all. 

Mattie Mc Grath speaks out

TD Mattic McGrath spoke out about the tyranny of the covid powers. Fair play to him. The Taoiseach objected when Mattie compared the regime today to Nazi Germany. Micheal Martin the Taoiseach started lecturing Mattie that Ireland is a great country that brought out a constitution during the Fascist era.

But that was then, this is now. Right now the Irish Government is enforcing mass vaccination with an experimental gene therapy.

This is in direct contravention of the Nuremburg code, which was drawn up to prevent medical experiments without informed consent.

I can’t find that exchange on video now, but there is one below of Mattie speaking similarly.