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Those who are believers in the Covid 19 religion, are convinced that there is a deadly pandemic caused by a new Corona Virus.




This virus has not been isolated, and the test for it is completely unreliable.




Yet, when challenged about the true seriousness of the situation, believers are quick to react with


“Just see how many people have died from Covid”.




Certainly, in terms of the numbers announced solemnly every evening, it appears that there is a large death toll. However, as I have pointed out repeatedly, these are deaths WITH Covid 19. In other words, anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive PCR test for Covid 19 is announced as having died WITH Covid 19.




This is translated by the media and in the minds of many people as having died OF Covid 19.




This misconception goes so far as the Central Statistics Office, who declare in their latest bulletin:


Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of people who have died due to COVID-19 in Ireland is 3,054, with a further 160 deaths cited as probable deaths linked to the virus. For the week ending 29 January, 317 deaths were recorded”




This is a prime example of how the medical establishment are careful to use the language “died WITH Covid 19”:


While the great unwashed, like the CSO, immediately display their ignorance and declare that 3,054 people have died DUE TO Covid 19.




So who is correct here?


To be clear, I am saying that large numbers are recorded as dying WITH Covid 19. This is because large numbers are being tested FOR Covid 19. They are being tested using a wildly inaccurate test that picks up miniscule amounts of genetic material.



On the other hand, the general belief is that those recorded as dying WITH Covid 19, are in fact dying OF Covid 19.




If I am wrong, and the media and government are right, then there must be extra deaths to correspond with the pandemic. If we are asked to believe that there is a pandemic of a deadly disease, and it has killed x number of people, then we should find that number of extra deaths of course.




So lets take a look at some figures of recorded deaths from our friends at the CSO:


First, we will take a look at Quarter 1 (Jan-March inclusive), from 2016 to 2020.


Quarter Sex Total
2016 Q1 Both sexes 8609
2017 Q1 Both sexes 9067
2018 Q1 Both sexes 9278
2019 Q1 Both sexes 8618
2020 Q1 Both sexes 8674



As you can see from the table above 8600 is an average year, with a peak in 2018 of 9278, about 650 above the average.

2018 was a year with a bad flu season. We can note that there was no lockdown, business closures and police checkpoints in 2018. It was a bad flu season, and we got on with our lives.

We can also see that Jan-March 2020 was an average year. Which everyone can agree on, because Covid came to Ireland from late March onwards.

So, Quarter 2, April to June inclusive will tell us more:

Quarter Sex Total
2016Q2 Both sexes 7697
2017Q2 Both sexes 7315
2018Q2 Both sexes 7592
2019Q2 Both sexes 7519
2020Q2 Both sexes 8582

We can see that deaths in 2020 are 1000 above average,

By the end of June the official figure for Covid deaths was in the region of 1800.

So, the increase in deaths was overstated by around 80%


And this is only is we attribute every single extra death to Covid 19.

This would not account for the extra deaths that occurred due to lockdown, like suicide, substance abuse and violent death. All of these causes of death increase with unemployment, never mind mass house arrest of the entire population.

On top of that, we have deaths caused by health care reactions to Covid 19. These included closing hospitals, cancelling treatments, and putting old at risk patients out of hospitals and into nursing homes where they could not receive proper treatments.


Bottom Line: For the peak of Covid 19 in April, May and June 2020, the increase in deaths was 1000, not 1800.

Even leaving aside the deaths caused by lockdown, this figure is closer to a bad flu season than it is to a pandemic.


Furthermore, as there was a lull in deaths with Covid 19 positive test in the second half of 2020, there is no way that a figure of 3054 deaths with/of/due to Covid 19 can be supported. I am exactly correct about this, and I would include the chart here, but I cannot paste it. Here is the link. It shows that deaths WITH Covid 19 rose to around 1800 by end June, and then flat lined through the summer and autumn, until they picked up again to co-incide with annual flu season.


Note: You might be asking yourself why I don’t present the figures for the second half of 2020. The reason is that the CSO take themselves almost 6 months to release those figures. The figures for April to June 2020 were not released until late November 2020. Despite my requests for the figures for the rest of the year, the CSO have refused to release them.

How they can with-hold the total deaths statistics, and yet still announce deaths with/of/due to Covid 19 in real time is a scandal in itself.


What we need to do now:

Call out the Government, Media, and their controllers in the medical-pharma mafia, for their fear mongering.

End the lockdown through civil disobedience. It is, after all, denial of our natural rights under completely false pretences.

Stop complying with stupid and counter productive mask mandates.

Insist that the improperly tested vaccines be suspended.

A process of testing the vaccines on Politicians and Media shills would be quite acceptable.